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Volkswagen passat the ESP warning light will not go out and

Customer Question

the ESP warning light will not go out and the exhaust emission warning light is on. What is the fault when both warning lights are on
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Billy replied 6 years ago.

Billy :

Hello and thank you for using Just answer! I'm Billy and i will assist you with this. Feel free to ask if further info is needed.

Billy :

There are many, many faults that would cause either light to go on, or even both lights.....

Billy :

The only way to find out for sure, would be by having the scan check, and retrieving the fault codes from both systems (using a scan tool), in order to confirm the faulty component(s) or wirings, and fix as necessary.......

Billy :

However, one common fault on these vehicles, that would cause both these lights, would be an intake leak \

Billy :

Check thoroughly the intake hoses and pipes, especially where they meet (on connection points), and check the oil breather pipes as well...............

Billy :

Having checked these, if all are up to norm, and the problem persists.........then you are advised to get the scan you cannot go on, checking all component(s) and wires, at random..............

Billy :

Thank you for trusting JA and myself.......get back to me if further info/details are required......

Billy :


Billy :


Billy and other VW Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Having run a scan with an OB11 scanner and reading some material which explained the codes, the fault was was traced to the crankshaft sensor. So, I took my car to be repaired at a local garage and I told them what needed replacing; they replied it was not the crankshaft sensor but a wheel sensor. I told them no codes were showing for it to be a wheel sensor but, they insisted that it was. The car was left on their forecourt for 3 days waiting to be repaired. I went back to collect the car and they told me to bring it back when the ESP light showed again they also went onto tell me that the charge for running a scan was 36£ and that they had cancelled the codes. I refused to pay them

and having took the keys off them drove off. Not sure what they intend to do but, I aint afraid of Cowboys.


After driving a couple of mile the ESP light came followed shortly by the engine light. Believing that the research I had done had identified the fault, I ordered a Crankshaft sensor from ebay at 12£. Unfortunately, I could not find this crankshaft sensor. I knew it was near the oil filter but, just couldn't see it. So, I took it to VW Tec. They ran a scan which took seconds; they didn't charge me for this. Consequently, they agreed it was the crankshaft sensor and for some reason it was being read through the ESP sensor. Moreover, they changed the crankshaft sensor which took all of 10 minutes.


The Esp light and Engine light did not reappear. JOB DONE the car is good.


I have been in contact with the VW Owners Forum and related this incident



Expert:  Billy replied 6 years ago.

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback.

Good that you did not pay for "nothing" at the first workshop......

And it is great that the problem was solved so swiftly.....

The crankshaft sensor, would relate engine speed to other control modules (ESP module included) the ESP module, not being able to calculate engine speed will also trigger the warning light...thus the double fault you got.

Get back to me if further info is required.....
PS: i could have pointed out the crank sensor location....