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1999 vw beetle: gas in my oil..overheating due to no cooling fans

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have a signifigant amount of gas in my oil. 1999 vw beetle 2.0 recently i have been dealing with overheating due to no cooling fans. got that fixed. cooling hose manifold is leaking and i am awaiting for the delivery of it to replace. i had the car diagnosed when troubleshooting the cooling fans and had the number 4 cylinder misfire code come up. while troubleshooting the fans i noticed the leaking manifold and saw some coolant on and around the sparkplug nearest the driver side of vehicle. i assume this is cylinder 4. hopefully this is coming from the cooling manifold?

yes, the one closest to the driver's side is the #4 cylinder. and coolant getting on the plug/wire will cause the misfire. once the leak is fixed replace that wire and plug.

The excess gas in the oil is either leaking injectors or a faulty fuel pressure regulator.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
would you know where the fuel pressure reg is located

here is a photo of it along the fuel rail:


Fuel pressure
1998 - 2005 models:
all engines except 2.0l BGD, BEV:
key ON (engine not running): 44 psig
Engine running: 39psig

2.0l BGD, BEV:
engine running: 58 psgi
hold pressure (after 10 minutes); 29psig

if pressure is above this, then replace the regulator
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
any chance of this being the o2 sensor?

that wont cause the excess gas in the oil. It may make it run rich, but wont cause the fuel to flood the cylinders enough to cause this. Only a faulty pressure regulator or leaking injectors will do this
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

if the reg tests good then its the injectors i assume?


correct. if regulator tests good, then pull the injectors and then rehook to the rail with the out of the manifold and turn key to on and see which ones are leaking around the nozzle and replace. also use new o-rings on all injectors when re-installing
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

one more thing, cant seem to find where to attach the pressure gauge



there is no test port. you have to tee into the line before the pressure regulator.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

ok. which one. pasenger side front or rear.


another quick one here, replacing oil now and noticed the classic white gunk under the fill cap, hopefully this is from the excessive fuel and not a head problem, whats your thoughts on that.


tee off where the fuel feed line goes into the regulator, not after the regulator.


very possibly just from the fuel foaming it. after you get the fuel problem resolved, if the white gunk comes back, then do a Block Test (about $25 from parts store) to test for combustion gases in the coolant.
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