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2006 passat: replace the steering angle parking..vag com

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<p>How hard is it to replace the steering angle sensor on a 2006 passat? The dealer said it was the cause of my parking bake fault but I would rather not pay $300 to fix it. I did the rear break job on the car so I have the VAG COM software.</p><p>I'm looking for some basic instructions on how to replace and a rough estimate on time/level of difficulty.  Are there any special tools needed? (like the tripple square drivers I needed for the break job)</p>
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You will need to remove the steering wheel the steering angle sensor is build into the spiral spring which will need a 12mm spline drive socket to be able to remove the steering wheel, between 1-10 is about a 6 of a job not too bad at all, but you will need to set the basic settings on it and you need to make sure the vag com has a test for this if not you will need to take it to the dealer to reprogram it . I hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is the spline drive a type XZN drive? One of those male drivers with 12 points on it that go into a socket cap screw. I have a set of those. Can you tell me a little more about ow to remove the steering wheel. I don't want to set the air bag off by accident. Do I have to remove some of the plastic trim around the wheel first?
Yes remove the steering column trims which just pop off each other and the 3 torx bit screws hold the bottom cover on and the xzn drive is correct .For the airbag removal look behind the steering wheel with a mirror and a flash light you will see where there are 2 openings on it where you use a flat head screwdriver to disengage the air bag from the retaining clip you will need to turn the steering wheel to see both openings one on each side of it from the back side. I hope this helps.

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