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95 jetta: oil leak..the top of the oil filter housing that..block

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i have a 95 jetta. I have a significant oil leak, appears to come from the top of the oil filter housing that's attached to the block. Is this an easy fix. If so please explain in detail. I am just learning how to work on my car

John :

Hello. Yes, this is a fairly easy fix. There is an o-ring behind the oil filter housing that cracks over time and creates a leak. You need to remove the oil filter and then remove the large nut that is on the center stud that the oil filter screws onto. Once this nut is removed then you can slide the square piece down off the stud and replace the o-ring on the back side. This square part that the oil filter screws onto has coolant running through it, that is what the 2 larger hoses that are clipped onto it are for. I think you can slide it off and back on without disconnecting these hoses, but if you do disconnect them be aware that coolant will come gushing out. Reassemble in reverse order and install a new oil filter and you done. Good Luck! John.


thank you. I will give this a shot :)

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