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2005 Passat TDI: vibration..all speeds when rpms are..accelerating

Customer Question

I have a 2005 Passat TDI and have vibration when stopped in drive with brake on and also at all speeds when rpm's are low and accelerating. It is very annoying. It seems like the engine mounts are not asorbing the vibration. I just had the automatic transmission rebuilt at Mr Transmission where the mechanic was a BMW specialist (they say these are made by BMW) and ask him to check mounts. All where ok but the vibration is the same as before rebuild. The converter was also rebuilt so I dont think that is the problem. You might say dont drive it with the rpm's low but the trans decides that. I read where others say they replaced the drive shafts and fixed the problem but I cant figure how that would be the problem. It runs smooth when the rpm's are above 2100. The engine is not running rough and there are no warning lights on. Any ideals?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.

Hi Martin here,

There is nothing more annoying than a vibration or a rattle, drives me mad too. The drive shafts are the problem here, the list of checks is as follows: worn drive shaft joints, worn drive shaft splines, loose bolts or retaining nut in the center of the wheel. a worn wheel hub. This will be a process of elimination, to be checked through one by one. If the bolts and nut seem fine the shafts will have to be removed to check the splines and the hubs. Before removing the drive shaft jack the car up, place it on stands, let it run in drive ans listen for any vibration noises. If there are no vibration noises after this test switch off the car, grasp the wheels by hand on the top and lower end and pull on them, with a rocking motion, to feel for any play which might indicate a worn hub or wheel bearing. These are the only suggestion which come to mind as you say the mechanic has already checked the mountings. Should you require further assistance feel free to ask.

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