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2000 vw jetta: new clutch..longer turn..hydraulic..weird thing

Customer Question

installed a new clutch in my 2000 vw jetta 2.0 and once i got the transmission housing connected to the engine block, the engine would no longer turn over at the flywheel with the clutch is pressed it (it did turn over before reinstalling the transmission housing). I did have to bleed the clutch hydraulic line as I had to remove it to remove the transmission housing. The weird thing is if I move the transmission housing about 1mm from the engine block, the engine will turn at the flywheel but it does not turn over easily. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Danny replied 6 years ago.
There's only three real options here and that's that the clutch kit is the wrong one, the clutch disk is in backwards, or you left the dustshield/spacer that goes between the engine and trans out if it was equipped with one.

So, pull the trans out and see if the engine rotates well. If it does pull the pressure plate off and check the clutch disk. The side that says getrieba seite is the one that goes towards the transmission. I think you probably put the disk in backwards and it is binding against the case.

I only use sachs or valeo clutches because they are original and I have never had this problem.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Isn't it impossible to put the clutch in backwards because the pressure plate would not mount correctly (flush) against the flywheel? That being said, what do you mean by "case" when you mentioned that the clutch disk is binding against the case.

Expert:  Danny replied 6 years ago.
Transmission case is what I meant. If I were you I would have a friend push on thetrans just enough so you can barely turn the engine and then pull trans and inspect for scratching. And no it isn't impossible to put the disk in backwards but it will hit the inside of the trnamission where the release bearing is, basically sandwhich the release bearing and smush it against the release bearing guide. I should say isn't impossible on all vehicles that's why it is labeled. I have seen it before.
It won't turn because something is sandwhiched and since there isn't a shim behind the flywheel the only depth that could be messed up is the disk or if you forgot the shield between the engine and trans if it had one.
Expert:  Danny replied 6 years ago.
You ever figure this one out?


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