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Chris VW Master Tech
Chris VW Master Tech, VW Technician
Category: VW
Satisfied Customers: 327
Experience:  City & Guilds 1,2,3 Vw Master Tech cars&vans, VW Licence Tech
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VW: Touran..the front wipers have just stopped working..fuses..relay

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Hi - I have a VW Touran and the front wipers have just stopped working. I have checked the fuses and all seems ok, otherwise suspect a relay issue.... is this a common problem? - rear wiper works just fine.

Chris VW Master Tech :

Hi just to check with you there are 2 fuse boxes you need to check , the one under the bonnet by the battery and then the one under the steering coloum on the drivers side , if all the fuses are ok the nxt thing i would check is the bonnet switch, if the bonnet is open the wipers will not operate, there is a micro switch built into the bonnet catch if this has failed it will think the bonnet is open and stop the wipers from operating, if you are facing the front of the car , look to the left of the car by the headlight and you see a small black connector which goes to the bonnet catch, unplug this and you should then beable to operate the wipers, if they work then, you will require a new bonnet catch, hope this helps

JACUSTOMER-c7umgbkz- :

Thanks for your advice... the wipers behaviour is that for no reason they will work at full speed when not even switched on, but engine is on and car is in motion. When this happens, and even with the wiper switched off at the steering arm, the wipers will continue to keep going even when the engine is switched off and key removed from ignition. Then slow to stop a few minutes later. Feels more like a relay issue??

Chris VW Master Tech :

hi there will either be 1 or 2 wiper motors on your car for the front wipers, they are controlled by a central control module, under the drivers side dash, there is no relay as the the wipers motors have built in ecu's , if you took it to a vw dealer they can read the fault codes on the central control module which will store wiper faults , the wipers operate on the LIN bus system to control the speed of the wipers, sorry it isnt as simple as just changing a relay on the VW Touran, i hope this helps, by the way the central control module is one of the main ecu's on the car and can be quite dear and has to be coded to the car aswell, i would advise you get the fault memory checked 1st

JACUSTOMER-c7umgbkz- :

Many thanks Chris - I appreciate your advice and guidance.

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