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Experience:  17 yrs. experience as a shop owner with Ford, Linc. & Merc. experience. ASE L1 Advanced Certified Master Tech. and Mazda Certified.
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2001 volkswagen beetle: diesel..1.9 tdi..The injector pump is leaking

Resolved Question:

I nave a 2001 volkswagon beatle diesel 1.9 tdi engine. The injector pump is leaking. I found a rebuilt unit on line and my question is do I have to have special tools to replace it? Also is this something over my head. I am a backyard mech. Rick
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Drew replied 6 years ago.
This is a big job around 3.5 hours for and tech and requires special tools. May take longer if doing at home for the first time. There is a very lengthy procedure for this repair that involves removing the timing belt. If you want to tackle it I can send you the repair procedure.
Drew and other VW Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I need the procedure. Can you E-Mail it?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This is my first time doing this. Have I lost you ? Thanks Rick
Expert:  Drew replied 6 years ago.

Very sorry I wasn't able to get back to you. Just Answer put a lock on this question so I couldn't get you the procedure. I was able to have them reopen the question. SOrry for the delay and thanks for the tip!!Smile


Diesel Injection Pump, Removing and Installing

Special tools

  • 3098 Lever camber adjustment
  • V159 Pin wrench
  • 3359 Rig pin
  • VAG 1318/10 Adapter
  • 3418 Adjustment guide
  • VAG 1390 Hand vacuum pump
  • graphic
    • 2068A Adj. gauge TDC
    • 3035 Injector line wrench
    • VAG 1331 Torque wrench 5 to 50 Nm (3.7 to 37 ft lb) or equivalent

    Diesel injection pump, removing

    Fire hazard! Do NOT have anything in the area that can ignite Diesel fuel

    NOTE: Use 3035 tubing wrench to loosen the high pressure fuel lines.

    • Cover openings with a clean cloth.
    • Remove connecting line between charge air cooler and intake manifold.
    • Remove upper toothed belt guard and valve cover.
    • Remove vacuum pump for brake servo.
    • graphic
    • Turn crankshaft to cyl. 1 TDC -arrow-.
    • graphic
      • Turn crankshaft to cyl. 1 TDC -arrow-
      • for Automatic transmission

      With engine removed

      Vehicles with manual transmission

    • graphic


      • Install 2068 A TDC gauge as shown.
      • Set adjustment device to 96 mm -arrow A-.
      • Left-hand notch of the vernier scale is the reference point.
      • Turn crankshaft until flywheel TDC marking aligns with point of setting device -arrow B-.

      Vehicles with automatic transmission

    • graphic


      • Install 2068 A TDC gauge as shown.
      • Set adjustment device to 30 mm -arrow A-.
      • Left-hand notch of the vernier scale is the reference point.
      • Turn crankshaft until TDC marking on drive plate aligns with point of setting device - arrow B-.

      All vehicles

  • graphic



Lock camshaft with setting bar.

  • Centralize setting bar as follows: Turn camshaft so that one end of setting bar contacts the cylinder head. Using feeler gauge, establish the gap at the other end of the setting bar. Place a feeler gauge corresponding to half the gap between setting bar and cylinder head. Turn camshaft until the setting bar contacts the feeler gauge. Place a 2nd feeler gauge, of same thickness, at the other end between the setting bar and cylinder head.
  • graphic
    • Remove injection pump sprocket mounting bolts -1-.

    Do not loosen hub nut -2-for ANY reason. Otherwise, the Diesel injection pump basic setting will be altered and cannot be reset with normal workshop equipment.

    • Remove tensioning roller nut.
    • Relieve tooth belt tension then remove camshaft and injection pump sprockets.
    • Disconnect Quantity adjuster harness connector and unclip connector from retainer
    • graphic
    • Remove mounting bolts from assembly bracket -1-.
    • graphic
      • Remove bolt from rear support -arrow-
      • Remove Diesel injection pump.

      Diesel injection pump, installing

      • Insert injection pump into assembly bracket then tighten mounting bolt on rear support with conical nut first.
      • Insert front mounting bolts.
      • tighten to 25 Nm (18 ft lb)
      • graphic
        • Install new bolts -arrows- to mount injection pump sprocket to hub but do not tighten.
        • Align injection pump sprocket to central position in elongated holes.
        • Lock injection pump sprocket using 3359 pin.
        • Loosen camshaft sprocket mounting bolt a half turn.
    • graphic
    • Place a drift through hole in rear of toothed belt guard and release camshaft sprocket from camshaft taper with blow from hammer.
    • Remove camshaft sprocket.
    • Check whether TDC mark on flywheel and reference mark are aligned.
    • Place tooth belt on injection pump sprocket and tensioning roller.
    • Install camshaft sprocket into toothed belt and secure sprocket such that the camshaft can still turn
    • graphic
    • Tension toothed belt using pin wrench (e.g. Matra V159) on eccentric and turning clockwise until notch and raised mark align -arrows
    • graphic
    • NOTE: Make sure retaining hook is correctly seated in toothed belt guard.

      • Tighten mounting nut.
      • 20 Nm (15 ft lb)
      • Check TDC mark on flywheel again.
      • Tighten new mounting bolts for injection pump sprocket.
      • 20 Nm (15 ft lb)


      • After dynamically checking the injection timing, tighten the bolts an additional 1/4 turn (90 °) .
      • The mounting bolts (stretch design) may only be used once.
      • Tighten camshaft sprocket mounting bolt.
      • 45 Nm (33 ft lb)
      • Remove 3359 locking pin.
      • Remove 3418 setting bar from camshaft.
      • Turn crankshaft two rotations in direction of engine rotation until crankshaft is set to cyl. 1 TDC again.
      • Reconnect injection lines, fuel supply line and electrical wiring.
      • graphic
      • Fill injection pump with Diesel fuel as follows.
        • Screw 1318/10 adapter into injection pump return/supply opening.
        • Connect VAG 1390 hand vacuum pump to adapter using approx.40 inches of transparent plastic hose.
        • Operate vacuum pump until fuel flows out of return/supply opening.
        • Do not draw fuel into vacuum pump.
        • Remove adapter and connect return/supply line.
        • Install valve cover and vacuum pump.
        • Dynamically check Start of injection and adjust if necessary
Drew and other VW Specialists are ready to help you

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