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2004 beetle: owners manual..the dash, a blue indicator light has come

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Unfortunately, my 2004 beetle did not come with an owner's manual. On the right hand side of the dash, a blue indicator light has come on. It shows a vertical line with three horizontal lines coming off the vertical at the top and two wavy lines that are perpendicular to the bottom. These lines cross the vertical line. The three at the top do not. They are half lines. Thanks.

This would be the coolant temperature light.

The blue light is usually on while the vehicle/engine is warming-up and should go out
once the engine reaches a certain temperature.

The light will be red, if coolant level is low, or if the engine is overheating. (red is bad, blue
is not)

To be sure, is this the light you mean? (red in this image)


Owners Manuals can be ordered here:

Hope this helps,

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Because the Beetle does not have a temperature gauge, you might want to have someone
monitor actual engine temperature with a scan tool... it is common to have temperature
sensor faults or thermostat faults that cause the engine to run cooler than it is supposed

A fault code (related to engine temperature) might also be stored in the Engine or
Instrument Cluster Computer, even though the check engine light is not currently on.

A pending code so to speak.


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