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071TCB, VW Mechanic
Category: VW
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Experience:  8+ yrs at a VW/Audi Specialty Repair Shop
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2007 vw passat: malfunction indicator..indicator lamp..34,000 miles

Customer Question

2007 vw passat malfunction indicator lamp came on today. 34,000 miles, what could it be?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  071TCB replied 7 years ago.

There are several reasons the MIL light can be on: (Sample list)

You will need to have the Engine Control Module Scanned to see what the codes are. Not
all scan tools (generic OBDII) will show all stored codes, or have a listing of what they

The best aftermarket (dealer equivalent) scan tool that is available to the public, is made

Once you have retrieved the stored codes (if more than one), post a new question
with the code in the subject line... so that you can then get specific help to those
specific items.

Hope that helps,

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Did not understand at all. I do not want to pay for this. Sorry about that. Going to dealership this morning.
Expert:  071TCB replied 7 years ago.
I totally understand.

My arm hurts, what do you think is wrong?