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Th EPC light on my VW CC 2010 Sport (2.0T) came and my car

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Th EPC light on my VW CC 2010 Sport (2.0T) came and my car turned off itself while driving. Now both the EPC and engine light are on and my car can barely turn on. How bad is this? Should I think of trading in for another car once it is temporarily fixed? (this seems to be a big problem for VW cars; I have read). My car is under warranty, so dealer will repair, but should I be worried for the future or it is nothing major?
OK do you know the codes stored for the lights?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No, I had to travel and so didn't have a chance to take it to any place (Sunday). I will be back tomorrow to my hometwon and thought of taking it to the dealer for repair since it still has warranty. I won't drive my car to the dealer because it barely turns on now and can turn off anytime while driving (dangerous). From past experiences, should I be worried, or could it just be a pretty small problem? I have heard horrow stories of the EPC light coming on right after repair again and again for years.

Ok it all depends on the code .It can be something simple to something major.The tow will also be covered under warranty.There are issues from faulty fuel injectors to ECMs failing which is the cars main computer .Once they scan the code we can only tell. They have 3 chances to fix this car then you can have them buy it back if the problem does not get fixed just so you know.So having it scanned is next .Do not drive it its dangerous.These are the next steps.

Hoped this helped.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Does the buy back part applies to only engine problems? My inside is basically breaking apart (noises from the plastic around dashboard, window that are annoying). Took it to the dealer once and they left it just with the same problems.
Yes the buy back goes fro any items they can not fix including noises.

Hoped this helped.

Positive feedback and bonuses greatly appreciated.
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