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How to replace turn signal in 2001 passat GLX 4motion 2.8l w/cruise

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how to replace turn signal in 2001 passat GLX 4motion 2.8l

Here is the procedure. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Steering Column Switches, Removing And Installing

Before beginning repairs on the electrical system:

  • Obtain the anti-theft radio security code.
  • Switch the ignition off
  • Disconnect the battery Ground (GND) strap.
  • After reconnecting battery, re-code and check operation of anti-theft radio.

Special safety precautions apply to vehicles equipped with airbags.

Special tools, testers and auxiliary items

  • VAG 1332 Torque wrench (or equivalent 40 - 200 Nm )


  • Remove drivers airbag.

  • Remove hex bolt -2- (always replace). Tightening torque: 60 Nm (44 ft lb) .
  • Position steering wheel -1- in central position (wheels straight ahead).
  • Pull steering wheel -1- from steering column.

  • Remove both (Phillips head) screws -arrows-.
  • Remove upper steering column trim -1- upwards.

  • Remove four (Phillips head) screws -arrows-.
  • Remove socket head bolt -1-.
  • Release steering wheel height adjustment -2-.
  • Remove lower steering column trim -3- downwards.

  • Loosen socket head bolt -1-.
  • Disconnect electrical connectors -arrows- from steering column switches.

The spiral spring remains on the steering column switch. Ensure spring is not turned from central position.

  • Remove steering column switches


  • Install steering column switches loosely onto steering column only (do not tighten socket head bolt).
  • Reconnect electrical connections.
  • Slide steering wheel onto steering column shaft (do not install bolt).

  • Slide steering column switches on column so that gap -a- (3 mm ) is maintained between switches -2- and steering wheel -1-.
  • Tighten socket head bolt -3-.
  • Remove steering wheel again.
  • Install steering column trim
  • Install steering wheel and hex bolt. Tightening torque: 60 Nm (44 ft lb) .
  • Install driver's airbag.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i can't see the pictures?

I don't know why that is. I can see them when I look at that post. The pictures mostly just show where the bolts & screws are.

Do you have any questions about where anything is?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it seems like a very intense process. I would like to see the pictures first. The explanation sounds good.
I don't have any other way to send them to you.

The first image is a torque wrench. Pictured as a special tool.
Image 2 is a picture of the steering wheel with the airbag removed.
Image 3 is the steering column with the steering wheel removed.
Image 4 is the same as 3 but with the plastic trim removed.
Image 5 is a side view of image 4 showing that 2 of the bolts are on the back.
The las image shows the 3mm gap between the steering wheel and the switch assembly.

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