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Alarm keeps going..The immobiliser wont turn off either..cuts

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Hi, my alarm keeps going off. The immobiliser wont turn off either. I can start for 2 seconds then cuts out. All whilst the alarm is going off even when battery pos and neg fully disconnected. How can I disable alarm? Or cure fault or anything, car stuck on main road near some terraced houses and worry either the police will turn up or the neighbours will kick off. Cheers. MK4 golf PD150
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Is the immobilizer light blinking on the dash? Have you tried to turn the lock cylinder on the drivers door to disable the alarm?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes immob light on dash, tried key in door, turned it both ways as well as holding it for several seconds each way. I can sit in car, start engine for couple sends a while alarm going off. Incidently, the a/c button below radio is lit when in off position but dim when supposed to be on?
Ok if the immobilizer light is on theres not much you will be able to because something has gone wrong with the anti theft system either a bad key,reader coil ,or a issue with the instrument cluster the only way to reset the immobilizer system is with a vw specific vw scan tool theres not you can do because the system will need to get reprogrammed again . Sorry for the bad news i hope this helps.

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