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My 2003 Jetta was filled with unleaded gas instead of diesel.

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My 2003 Jetta was filled with unleaded gas instead of diesel. I have been advised we cann try to pump out the lines, replace filter and refuel with diesel and lotsa of conditioner. Can you please tell me the chances of this working (it was driven until it stalled with gas in it)? Thank you so much.


Lets see if I can Help

If you remove all the fuel from the fuel tank, then blow out the lines to the injection pump, refill with fresh fuel and add some diesel conditioner you should be fine make sure you replace the filter also. I have done this many times, many of my customers have had this happen to them.

Hopefully this has answered your question please hit accept so I may be paid for my advice.

Thanks Jim

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you for you help, Jim. Another related question - if the engine will not fire after these things have been done, could it suggest the injectors are wrecked?
no, it will crank a while before it starts. break the nuts on the injectors free to bleed them when you see fuel coming out at the injectors tighten the nuts. unless this is a pump duese engine then the injectors will self bleed. it will start but may take a while also do not crank excessively take a break between cranking if not you will overheat the starter and damage. thanks Jim

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