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VW Touareg: fuel running..both pumps are bench tested

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The VW Touareg 2004 3.2 engine fuel system acting up . the car running 15 sec. only, start agen run other 15 second, both pumps are bench tested are OK . problem is vanish, 6 month later the same issue .Please help me ,Thanks Steve
Can I please have your vin # XXXXX I can look up some info for you? Only one pump stays on all the time
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Ok give me a couple of minutes to look up some info for you thanks
The main/primary fuel pump location depends on the type of engine the vehicle is equipped with.
On the 3.2L V6 engine, the primary pump is located on the left (driver’s) side of the fuel tank.Location of the main fuel pump can also be determined by restarting the engine (if possible)
then checking to see which pump continues to run after 30 seconds. The secondary pump will
shut off after 30 seconds and will not run until needed.

You can check the issue you have with 2 test lights the drivers side pump should always stay while the car is running you can use a test light to see that the passenger side fuel pump only comes on for 30 seconds the the power is not provided to it no more after 30 seconds thats when the drivers side should always stay on usually the most common this is that the vehicle will start and die out after 30 seconds and if thats the case you have a faulty primary pump .

When you do go to replace the pump you will have to get 2 new seals because you will have to take out the passenger side out also because there a couple of lines that run from one pump to another make sure you do one line at a time this job is very easy to get confused and not know where the lines go .
I hope this helps.Please don't forget to click accept for my answer and advice this is the only way i get compensated for my time and knowledge thanks!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yesterday when I tested the passenger side pump it was running 15-20 sec, then the engine stopped, during the testing the driver side pump returned to normal It.druw 8 Amp. The car is running fine today, the same thing happened 6 months ago ,I drove the car 3000Ml then it acted up . Why is the pump acting up occasionally ,as a DC motor either it is working or not , why is it going mental in a 6 month period? do you have any other suggestion beside replacing the "good running pump".?





You may have a issue with the lines that connect both of the fuel pump inside the tank . Or you may be loosing signal to the pumps .
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

How the two fuel pumps are synkronized? why only one pump is running continously. ?

what is the reason vw using two pump instead one .?

They only use one pump one to prime the system and the other one to keep the vehicle running they do this so you won't stress out the pump .I am not really sure why Vw does this .
I have never seen the fuel pumps be a sporadic issue they usually come in to the shop towed inn on a flat bead because the truck will not stay running and its always a fuel pump issue when the vehicle dies out there no other issue that i have seen or heard of personally that one day they work and the other day they don't . I hope all the info given to you helps.

Please let me know if you need anything else also please don't forget to click accept for my answer and the advice given to you today this is the only way i get compensated for my time and knowledge thanks again!
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
As it looks I'm stuck with the unique problem , I was hoping since there are so many touareg on the road the VW mechanics run into the same problem . Of course knowing the vw dealers mentality they just want to replace both fuel pumps without any further testing. This happened to me after replacing the altenator, in order to correct the fuel issue.Then after they told me both pumps need to be replaced,I insisted they remove both pumps for bench testing ,both pumps past the test with 2 Amp draw, The pumps were reintalled ,(the labor cost was $400 )without solving the problem, The Touareg was running fine for 6 months ,then acted up, As of now it is running fine ,the question is for how long? I'm going to solve this issue the next time it's acting up. I will isolate the power supply to the pump , then check the pump for open circuit..

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