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Don 'Mo Lurch'
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Jetta: the motor that opens the trunk when the remote..latch

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My Jetta trunk will not lock. I have removed the cover panel on the inside of the trunk and checked the motor that opens the trunk when the remote or the trunk switch is pressed. I discovered that the motor seems to be stuck in the extended position that keeps the latch from relocking. I motor seems to be working because I tested it by leaving in connected after removing it from the housing.

How does this motor release in order for the trunk to relock? Does this relate just to this motor or is there something else to look for in order to relock the trunk?

David Kitchens


The Motor is probably defective, as it takes some "torque" to open the Trunk Latch.
The Motor pulls the Release (like you turning key) & stays in the open position, until the Trunk is closed, then the Latch pulls the Motor drive back to the closed position.
When you had it on the bench you need to check to see if it has pull strength when activated.
Typically the motor (over use) gets a burn spot on the armature & if it lands in that spot upon closing, it won't open



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Since the trunk locks manually I assume the latch is ok. When testing the motor, If it responds properly by pulling back, what might be another potential problem?


Latch or Motor binding at the Latch bar, but I suspect Motor

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