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what causes oil leak between oil filter housing and drain pan

Resolved Question:

what causes oil leak between oil filter housing and drain pan? How common is this problem and when can it be expected
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  vwtech0405 replied 7 years ago.
What model vehicle and what engine do you have ? I will be logging off soon I will check back in the morning thanks !
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
this is a 2005 vw passat sedan with a gas engine. I don't have engine size available at this time
Expert:  vwtech0405 replied 7 years ago.
Ok if you have a 1.8 turbo 4 cylinder engine there are a couple possibilities

1.the seal for the oil cooler
2.oil pan gasket very common
3.valve cover gasket and cam tensioner seals it will run down from the head all the way down to the bottom
4.and the seal where the oil cooler housing mounts to the block

you can also have excess oil from the oil change since the filter is located right the and oil tends to sit in between where the oil pan and the block meets


1.oil cooler seal
2.lower oil pan gasket
3.valve cover cam tensioner seals

These are all the most common oil leaks we have seen from both engines. I hope this helps

Please dont forget to click accept for my answer and advice given to you today thanks!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
you're not answering the question. I have a leak between the oil filter housing and the block/pan. what causes this seal to go out and how often does it happen?
Expert:  vwtech0405 replied 7 years ago.
What engine do you have ? I need to know if it's a v6 or 4 cyl?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It is a 6cyl 2.8l FI engine
Expert:  vwtech0405 replied 7 years ago.
The seal wears out over time we see it happen but it's very simple to replace just remove the oil filter then both coolant hoses going to the cooler and then the big center nut then you will be able to remove the cooler to get to the seal . We usually see those seals after the vehicle has 50 k miles on it it's just a wear and tear item the seals tend to swell up and leak . The seal is very inexpensive . I hope this helps please don't forget to click accept for the advice given to you today!
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