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2006 Jetta: Which is the fuse for the interior lights..models..10 amp

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Which is the fuse for the interior lights on a 2006 Jetta ? On older models it's 14, a 10 amp fuse.
The interior lights are controlled through J519, the electrical control module, which has numerous fuses feeding it. (fuse 14 on the old module powered the comfort module, which controlled all comfort systems like power windows, dome lights and sometimes cut out the ignition) Is your issue just that interior lights are out? And are you talking about your dome light (ceiling) or all interior illumination, like the backlights on the switches?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for your reply.


Where is the J519 / ECM ?


Just the interior lights -


i)the main ceiling lights rear and front (don't come on when door opens),


ii) the LHS & RHS overhead lights controlled by the rocker/individualswitches (don't come on when pressed),


iii) the glove box light,


iv) the lights in the trunk.



Could you tell me if you have a High or Low E-box under the hood? Right by the battery, you can slide the latches and lift the cover off the fuse box there- the top will have either 54 (High) or 30 (Low) fuses. If you look with a flashlight you will see numbers printed next to them, that will work better than counting!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks again.


30 Fuses.




There are a number of fuses for the J519 E-box (which is located under the passenger seat, if you slide it back you will see the cover over it)

in fuse box C, left end of dash-

15-7.5a, 25- 25a, 41-20a

Unfortunately, nothing that is shown is directly linked to any of the interior lighting- and since the J519 is a "black box" they don't really give us any information about how any of those fused power inputs affect specific circuits.

You should be able to have that system read with a factory scan tool or Ross-Tech VAG-COM software under address word 09 Central Electrics, and there is also an output diagnostic test that could be run. Without that capability it's a guessing game.


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