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Jeremiah Mahler
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2003 VW passat: leaking..passenger side..the compartment above.I..AC

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My 2003 VW passat is leaking a lot of water onto the passenger side floor mat. I haven't seen a drip, but it feels wet inside the compartment above.

I believe it may be a clogged AC drain? It seems as though the drain is difficult to reach. is it possible to poke a hole in the upper drain tube, blow with compressed air, then patch the hole? Make sense?
The sunroof drains do get clogged (but you said you checked them). I usually cut the ends off where the come out of the body near the front of the doors. You can see the ends with the front doors open. This would be part of the P9 recall.

Don't blow the tubes out with compressed air! If they were clogged it could seperate the tube connections and then you would have to disassemble the interior to get the tubes to fix them.

I have never seen the A/C drains get clogged and cause this problem. The amount of water would be quite small.

The other possibility is the rain tray drain is clogged. The rain tray is the metal tray at the bottom front of the windsheild. With the hood open it usually has a plastic cover. The battery is in the middle and the pollen filter is on the passenger side.
There is a drain underneath the battery and when it gets clogged it fills up the rain try until the water overflows in to the ventilation system. To fix this problem you remove the battery and remove the rubber drain. This would have also been part of the P9 recall and in addition they would have sealed the pollen filter assembly to prevent water intrusion.

It is very important to get water leaks fixed quickly because the TCM (transmission control module) is located in a recess of the passenger side floor. This recess will fill with water eventually submerging the TCM ruining it. Expect to pay $500 or more just for the module without labor.

It would also be worth finding out if the P9 recall is applicable on your car and if it has been performed.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yikes!!! Sounds like I better get this fixed!! It's actually completely soaking the floor mat. I installed a new windshield 2 months ago, but didn't notice the water problem until 3 weeks ago. Do you think it could be the windsheild?

Great advice. Thanks.
If the windshield was installed correctly (lots of sealant) it is unlikely it would leak.
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