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How to change water pump jetta 2002 1.8T

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how to change water pump jetta 2002 1.8T

You have to remove the cover, set the engine at tdc using the crankshaft pulley, a graphic is shown below.

remove the two 16mm bolts that hold the motor mount to the body,

remove the boost tube that runs through the fender liner area on the passenger side,

remove the fender liner,

remove the four 6mm allen bolts that hold the crank pulley on,

remove the 5 10mm bolts that hold the lower timing cover on,

use a paint pen to mark the crank sprocket and timing belt down low,

use the paint pen to mark the position of the belt with one mark up on the crank pulley,

remove the lower 16mm bolt that holds the motor mount bracket to the block (do this from down below right by the crank pulley area),

put a jack with a wood block under the oil pan,

jack the motor up until the motor mount is off the body,

remove the two 18mm bolts that hold the motor mount to the bracket bolted to the block and take the mount out of the engine bay,

remove the two upper 16mm bolts that hold the bracket to the block,

remove your timing belt, the hydraulic tensioner, and the tensioner pulley,

transfer the marks over to your new belt,

loctite and install the two 10mm bolts that hold the hydraulic damper to the block,

replace the tensioner roller as well

remove the waterpumps 3 10mm bolts and remove the pump, clean the mounting area with scotchbrite or sandpaper

put coolant on the seal on the new pump and install it

tension the two 10mm bolts for the tensioner and the 3 for the waterpump to 10 newton meters

install the timing belt, install the lower covers and the pulley, roll the engine around twice, line the crank pulley mark up with the rear cover and check that it lines up with the cam as well as shown here.


If it does, tension the bolt that holds the upper tensioner to 27 newton meters, pull the hydraulic tensioner pin, pull up on the lever on the tensioner and then reinstall everything else. If you have any questions let me know.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
if the water pump not leak cutbe broke
What about the waterpump breaking?