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Where is the OBD port located on a 99 VW Cabrio?

Resolved Question:

Where is the OBD port located on a 99 VW Cabrio?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.



Volkswagen DLC locations:

Cabrio 1996-1998 Behind ashtray Covered

Cabrio 1999-2002 Below steering column to the left Uncovered


Depending on your production date, you may want to remove the ashtray and look for a sliding cover to find the port, as I have seen some of the early 99 models with it located behind the ashtray like the 96-98 models


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I've got the lower dash off stilll can't find the port, took ashtray draw out no sliding panel anyother suggestions?
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.



Did you look underneath the dash to the left of the steering column? It would be tucked up in there facing downward



Are you the original owner?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No I'm not the original owner, I've had the car for four years it only has 70,159 miles. I'm in Minnesota the other day it wouldn't stay running under 1,000 rpms so I parked it till I could look at it. Today it runs great even in idle but the check engine light is on and rented the scanner to figure out what is wrong but having trouble locating the port. Well head back out to garage and look again.

Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.



Here is mapping of DLC locations:





It should be the #2 location, tucked up under the dash


It is possible that someone broke the bracket it mounts on and someone shoved it further up in the dash

Edited by Eric on 11/8/2009 at 8:44 PM EST
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