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David L., VW Technician
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what are the steps to replace fuel pump in 2000 jetta GL

Resolved Question:

what are the steps to replace fuel pump in 2000 jetta GL?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  David L. replied 7 years ago.

Hi.....I would like to assist you with your question. first thing before you start the fuel pump replacement. I would be best if the tank is as close to empty as possible. Next you will have to remove the rear seat bottom by pulling up on the front of the rear seat bottom on each side. there are clips on both sides of the front of the seat bottom that release it. After it is released push back and lift up on both sides to remove. After the rear seat bottom is out. lift the small flap of carpet on the passenger side. You will see a metal cover with three phillips head screws remove cover. Once cover is removed you will see the top of the fuel pump. Disconnect the connector and the two fuel lines to the pump. Be careful not to mix up the fuel lines when re-installing. One is the fuel supply hose and the other is the return. After that there will be a metal or plastic ring that will have to be removed by turning it counter clockwise. The ring will then come off and you will be able to lift the top of the fuel pump off. There will be a rubber seal there that will have to be replace when putting in the new pump. After the top of the pump is off you will have to remove the 2 connectors on the underside off the top of the pump and one hose. The last step is to twist the base of the pump counter clockwise to release. it will the lift out. be carefull to note position of the pump base befor releasing the new one will have to go in the same position. Then you can replace the pump and reinstall in reverse order. Hope this me if you have any further questions

Thanks, David



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Expert:  David L. replied 7 years ago.

Just one more thing I forgot to mention. the release ring on top of the pump can be removed by using a flat screwdriver and a small hammer and tapping it counter clockwise. Be sure to have 2 new hose clamps for the fuel lines after installing the new pump


Thanks again, David

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Will I need to get a new rubber seal before I put in the new fuel pump? Or can I just use the old seal?


Also, what are the steps to replacing fuel injectors in the 2000 VW Jetta GL?


And what is the wiring order for installing new plug wires (which cylinder/wire goes to which slot on the ignition coil? you can just relate the cylinder/wire to the position on the coil (upper left hole, lower right hole, etc.) I think the previous owner wired it wrong because it didn't match up to what I saw in the repair manuals.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

and how difficult is it OR what should I do to make sure I position the new pump in the same position as the old pump?

Expert:  David L. replied 7 years ago.

I would recommend using a new seal for the pump. The old one tends to swell and will be hard to put back in.Also your fuel lines to the pump do not have clamps. they have release tabs you press and just lift up on them to take off. In order to line up the new pump the fuel level sensor has to be in the same direction as when you pull it out. The level sensor will have to be switched over to the new pump. It simply unclips from the pump with two small wires. the level sensor should face to the left side of the vehicle. I would need the engine code to give more info on the injectors and coil/wires. Thanks Again, David

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the engine code is AEG 312398.
Expert:  David L. replied 7 years ago.


A=cyl1 B=cyl3 C=cyl2 D=cyl4


Here is a pic of the coil replace the injectors you will have to remove the upper intake. once the upper intake is off you can remove the complete fuel rail by removing the 2 bolts that hold it in. Each injector is held in by a clip . remove clip and injector comes off of the rail. Thanks Again, David


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