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My 2002 Passats secondary hood release (plastic pull with

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My 2002 Passat's secondary hood release (plastic pull with a red arrow, shaped like a T) popped off when a helpful stranger pulled too hard. I want to reattach it myself, and handy as I am, I can't figure it out.
I see a shallow, horizontal post on the metal latch that the release would appear to fit onto, and I see a bent metal clip that seems like it would secure the plastic pull to the metal latch. But given the small size of the access opening, and my unfamiliarity with how to do it, I'm making myself nuts! Can anyone tell me how, or point me to a resource online to learn? Thanks.


Lets see if I can help

when you look at the pull are both sides still there, shaped like a "V"?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Nope! I hadn't noticed it was broken, but now that you mention it, it has only one side.


It looks similar to this:

but my part (what's left of it) is plain and flat. (All of the same thickness, about 1/4 inch, and about 5.75 inches long.)


Would the part linked here replace mine? I'm confused about whether I have a 2001.5 or a 2002 year model.

yes that is the part

this is the procedure on how to replace it


Using a screwdriver -5-, press apart clevis arms of release lever -3- and install lever over the pins . the clip snaps down over the lever to hold it tightly to the pins

if this has helped please hit accept so I can be paid for my advice. if there is anything I can do for you in the future please let me know and Thanks

jjsledge and other VW Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I understand your explanation, thanks!


I'll still need to create a login at VWhub to view the procedure, but I truly appreciate the quick and helpful response.


Advice gratefully accepted. Now there are only 9,999 other things to fix on this hoopty. :)

you cant see the procedure? you will not be able to gain access to VW HUB only Vw employees can have access to this site
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That is correct. empty image


Lets try again hope this helps

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
YES! The diagram is superbly helpful. Thanks!
Ok glad it worked this time