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How do you replace the brake lights bulb on a 2000 beetle?

Resolved Question:

How do you replace the brake lights bulb on a 2000 beetle?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 8 years ago.
<p>Look inside the trunk- there will be a round access panel. Remove that panel, and there will be a knob in there that is threaded onto the end of a threaded stud. remove this knob completely. That is the safety lock to keep the tail-light assembly from falling out.</p><p>Now, go to the outside of the vehicle- using a plastic or wood shim or pry tool (to keep from marking the paint) insert it under the rubber gasket of the taillight assembly. There is an upper bulb area and a lower bulb area (diferentiated by red or orange) and you want to slide it under right where the upper and lower sections come together, and on the "inside" edge of the light (the side nearest the rear trunk hatch). You simply pop it up there, and the whole assembly will pop out after that. You will note that the outside edge has a tab that slides underneath the outer edge of the hole, into a cutout slot. </p><p>The bulb holders come out with an eighth of a turn twist counter-clockwise. Note that they are held by three tabs, two of which are angled and one which is straight- which allows you to be sure to install them correctly. Note that the brake and tail light bulb is a dual-pole bulb and there are two contacts in the holder, and the turn signal bulb is single and has a single contact holder.</p><p>Installing the tail-light, first insert the threaded rod into the hole so it feeds through into the trunk. then insert the plastic tab under the outer edge of the hold, right where the small cutout is in the edge. Then lastly snap the inner edge into place. When installed correctly, the "line" that separates the upper and lower bulb sections should be almost horizontal and the entire assembly will lay flat against the body with no bulges in the rubber seal. Lastly, thread the knob onto the threaded rod, and snap the access panel back into place (it may need to be rotated to find the best orientation)</p>
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