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RobJackson, VW Mechanic
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Experience:  Started working in VW/Audi dealership in 1999. 2009 Registered and Certified VW Tech. ASE Master
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How do you remove a passat steering wheel airbag?

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How do you remove a passat steering wheel airbag?

I just jumped on ebay an pulled this picture off for you. There is a specail tool (you can use a small screwdriver) then it goes into the back of the steering when and relaese a spring that holds the wheel on .

Make sure the battery is disconnected for atleast 15 minutes before removal.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
On the vehicle that I am working on there are 2 holes on the back of the steering wheel. Whe I put a screwdriver in the hole and press on the horn the what ever is there moves. Is there a specific direction to apply pressure in the access hole.
If the hole is in the top position you will pull up on the back of the screwdriver pushing the spring down. very lightly pull on the airbag and when the spring is depressed enough the airbag will slightly move out. turn the steering wheel 180 degrees and repeat. Carefully pull the air bag out a little at a time until you can disconnect the wiring
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