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2004 VW: Beetle..Turbo..Convertible..the check engine light has come

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I have a 2004 VW New Beetle GLS Turbo Convertible. It has 51,700 miles - mostly city miles. Now that the warranties have expired, the "check engine" light has come on. I went to two different VW dealerships in my area but both dealers were totally disinterested and could not do a diagnostic at that time. I then went to a local garage who checked the computer and indicated that it was a code P1200 - turbo malfunction. The car seems to be running fine and both dealerships said I could drive the car as long as the "check engine" light was on but NOT flashing. (The light is NOT flashing...) Do you have any insight on this matter? Am I looking at big bucks to fix this car?? Could this merely be a "bad" sensor in the turbo? Every place I go to wants to do their own diagnostic at a charge of $85 to $95 and that is before they start to fix the problem. I will go broke!! Please help me.
Sorry to hear you cant find a good shop in your area.

17608/P1200/004608 - Boost Pressure Control Valve (N249): Mechanical Malfunction

This code is caused by the ECM sensing that it cannot regulate the boost pressure correctly.
The valve should be tested for vacuum leaks and will most likely need to be replaced.

You should be fine driving it for the time being but it is always better for your engine to get these problems fixed.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Do you have an estimate on the replacement cost for this valve as well as how much labor is involved (how long will it take to replace the valve?)



Probably 1.0 hour to replace the valve, part costs around $100.00.

Make sure they take a look at the vacuum lines to make sure they are not the cause of this problem. Possible 1.0 labor to replace all the cloth vacuum lines if needed.

An extra 0.5 hour to "set readiness" which manually runs all of the emissions tests. Needed if you must Smog it right away.
Otherwise they should not charge you anything extra to just clear the codes.
It can take a few days for all the tests to run by themselves.
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