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Where do fuel lines run on a 1973 vw super beetle

Resolved Question:

Where do fuel lines run on a 1973 vw super beetle?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  vwbugman replied 8 years ago.
Which fuel lines do you need info on?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I need info on all the lines?I found one line in a box that i think hooks to tank and there is a T in that line with two more small hoses that look like vacuum and they go on the tank near the fill hose.There are two more small nipples on the other side of tank that i am not sure where they go?There is four small nipples and one about 5/8 nipple and the fill pipe in total.I need info on all the lines and where they also connect to go back to engine.
Expert:  vwbugman replied 8 years ago.


starting at the rear.


You have a fuel line running from the chassis framehorn to the metal line on the engine. It is underneath the car.


Metal line to the fuel pump

fuel pump to the carb.


At the front.


Fuel line on bottom of tank to the frame head. Blow thru the framehead line that goes to the rear of the car to clean it out and make sure it is open.


On top of the tank:

Large rubber hose to large metal pipe to large rubber hose to fill neck

On the fill neck is about a 3/4 pipe that screws in. Elbow to the pipe, then large t fitting with small vent line in middle, then hose to the end of the fuel tank.

You are going to disconnect all other hoses including the plastic pipe that runs across the car under the cowling that has 2 nipple on each end. Just get rid of it. Get rid of the black cannister.


Now there is a small pipe nipple next to the filler neck in the tank . Run a hose from it to the plastic "t" (small nipples). Run another to from the nipple off the large t to this small t. Now run a piece of hose from the remaining nipple across the top of the tank all the way around to where the wires go down through the body on the right side of the tank Just run this hose about a foot down thru next to the wiring for ventilation. Now on the right top side of the tank, hook the 2 nipples together with a piece of hose.

This way you are venting thru the one single hose and doing away with all the other smog hoses.

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