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Jetta: air filter..heat shield

Customer Question

want to replace air filter on 2008 volks jetta, its under the heat shield on top of thwe engine. how does it come off?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  JamesH replied 8 years ago.
Here it is and yes you need the hex head please let me know if you have anymore questions....

Tools You'll need:

Phillips Screwdriver
Slotted Pliers
Torx 15 Driver

This image basically shows the points where the cover is attached:

First Step is to remove the torx screws holding the cover to the air intake:

Next Remove the sensor connection:

Use the pliers to release the hose:

Now to the cover itself:

You will need to use some pressure to pull the cover from the mounts.
I pulled up on the lower left corner and it will sort of pop free, like pulling
a cork out of a bottle. Repeat this with the other corners.

Finally you will need to wiggle the cover free from the engine compartment.
There is a down-tube on the back of the cover that requires some work to wiggle it free.

This Picture shows the back of the cover:

To remove the air filter simply remove the screws on the back of the engine cover.

The screws are numbered 1-5 so I removed them in that order

The filter cover then can be opened as so: