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Jim Barlogio
Jim Barlogio, ASE Certified Technician
Category: VW
Satisfied Customers: 1257
Experience:  38 Years Import Domestic AAA Aproved Auto Repair Shop Owner
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1999 volkswagen beetle: troble code p1543..mass air flow

Customer Question

getting troble code p1543 on my 1999 volkswagon beetle 2.0l. Change the throttle position sensor and mass air flow sensor.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Jim Barlogio replied 8 years ago.

Hi this is Jim Here is the proceduce.. It will probably require a VW compatible scanner

If you do not have one you will need a shop to do it. We usually would charge around $90....


Code P1543: Check and verify the throttle body is clean. Clean as neccesary using only a rag (never use an aerosol cleaner. Aerosol cleaners can damage the Throttle Control Module).
Perform a throttle basic setting procedure, using a factory compatible scan tool, as follows:
(1) Clear all trouble codes.
(2) Enter Engine Address Word 01, Function 04 Basic Settings.
(2) Throttle basic settings are accomplished using only one of 2 display groups. Display group 098 (In general vehicles equipped with a throttle cable) and display group 060 (In general full fly by wire vehicles). Once the appropriate display group is entered, the adaptation process will begin. (Note: Entering the wrong display group will not start the adaptation process. Simply enter the other display group number).
(3) Observe the 4th displayed field on the scan tool, it should read "ADP RUNS" and change to "ADP OK" after about 45 seconds (it may happen quicker than this as well).
(4) Once ADP OK is displayed, back out to the opening menu on the scan tool, then turn the ignition off for 45 seconds.
(5) Restart the vehicle normally. This completes the adaptation process. Test drive the vehicle and verify no codes are reset and that throttle operation is now normal.


Please ask if you need more information on this issue. Thanks again .. Jim

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