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Experience:  20 years of experience working with VW's. Independent European shop owner and technician.
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99 vw passat. I can not find a fuse diagram anywere online

Customer Question

99 vw passat. I can not find a fuse diagram anywere online and i can't find the diagram in the car at all. I would like to know what the best way to go about getting ahold of one?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  VWDoc replied 8 years ago.
How familiar are you with track style diagrams? It's quite different than a normal all-on-one-page type of diagram.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
not very i actualy got the haynes repair manual and it just looks forgein to me
Expert:  VWDoc replied 8 years ago.

are you simply looking for a fuse layout or wiring diagram?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
just the fuse layout
Expert:  VWDoc replied 8 years ago.

Ah, ok, I misread your first post.


Which engine?

1.8T AEB


2.8 AHA

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm honestly unsure and the car went to the store so i can look at it at the moment i there any questions that could help me decifer which one is which
Expert:  VWDoc replied 8 years ago.

One is a 4 cylinder that looks like this:





The other is a 6-cylinder that looks like this:



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm almost positive it is a 4-cylinder
Expert:  VWDoc replied 8 years ago.

Ok then, and without further ado, here is your fuse layout:


Fuse colors

30 A-green
25 A-white
20 A-yellow
15 A-blue
10 A-red
7,5 A-brown
5 A-beige
3 A-violet




1-Heated washer nozzle5A
2-Turn signal system10A
3-Light for glove compartment, air
conditioning, selector lever
4-License plate light 5A
5-Instrument cluster, heated seats, cruise
control test plug, air conditioning10A
6-Control module comfort system 5A
7-ABS 10A
8-Automatic headlight beam
adjusting, telephone system
9-Heated Mirrors
10-CD changer unit 10A
11-Cruise control by automatic transmission 5A
12-B+(battery positive voltage) for on
board diagnostic (OBD) 10A
13-Brake lights10A
14-Comfort system 10A
15-Instrument cluster, automatic transmission10A
18-Right headlight, high beam10A
19-Left headlight, high beam10A
20-Right headlight, low beam15A
21-Left headlight, low beam15A
22-Parklight, right5A
23-Parklight, left5A
24-Wiper system25A
25-Fresh air blower, recirculating
control air conditioning 30A
26-Rear window defogger 30A
27-Rear window wiper system 15A
28-Fuel pump (FP)15A
29-Engine control20A
31-Back-up lights, cruise control,
automatic transmission 15A
32-Engine control20A
33-Cigarette lighter15A
34-Engine control, injectors 15A
35-Trailer socket 30A
36-Fog lights 15A
37-Radio system, telephone system20A
38-Comfort system 15A
39-Emergency flasher system 15A
40-Dual horn25A
43-free 10A
44-Heated seats 30A

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