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Jim Barlogio
Jim Barlogio, ASE Certified Technician
Category: VW
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Electric window wont stay up

Customer Question

electric window wont stay up
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Jim Barlogio replied 8 years ago.
Hi .. this is Jim Sounds like the window regulator has gone south....about $225 to repair .. providing motor is ok... Let me know if you more info on this question.. Thanks Jim B
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
we want to repair ourselves my husband has done before on a minivan how do we do it on a bug
Expert:  Jim Barlogio replied 8 years ago.
He will need to remove door trim panel.. and find out if the cables loose. That confims bad regulator. I will see if I can find the procedure.. Jim
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you!ill wait
Expert:  Jim Barlogio replied 8 years ago.

Not sure if this pre repair note from VW will cause a problem. It will it a scanner is neded to repair highlighted section

Subframe only be removed when the door window has been unscrewed at clamping brackets of window regulator. For this purpose, door window must be driven down to height of installation holes in subframe and clamping brackets loosened.

If it is not possible to drive down the door window by the electrical window regulator, first the exact cause of malfunction must be determined.

To do so, check DTC Memory of comfort system (address word 46) using Fault Read Out Device V.A.G 1551,

If electrical malfunction is present, repair this malfunction first.

If window regulator motor is cause for malfunction, proceed according to description.

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Expert:  Jim Barlogio replied 8 years ago.


Remove front door trim

Remove lock cylinder housing.


Unclip clip - 1 - from door handle.

Pry off caps - 1 -.

Lower door window until securing bolts of door window are accessible.

NOTE: If work step is not possible due to malfunction of the electrical window regulator, window regulator motor can be removed to be able to slide window down.
Loosen bolts - 2 - and press clamping brackets apart.

Slide door windows upward and secure (e.g. using adhesive tape).

Remove operating lever for front hood lock (drivers side only).

Remove lower A-pillar trim

Disconnect multi-pin harness connectors - 1 - at A-pillar - 2 -

Remove cover - 1 - for wiring harness - 2 - out of body opening in inner A-pillar

Remove wiring harness at bellows - 1 - out of A-pillar between door and A-pillar

Disconnect harness connector for exterior mirror - arrow - and unhook wiring at subframe

Remove bolt - 1 - and unhook wiring harness guide - 2 - from door.

Guide wiring harness with bellows through door.

Remove bolts - 1 -, tightening torques: 20 Nm .

Remove bolts - 1 - to - 11 -. Remove upper sub frame from door, lift and lift out from door toward hinge side of door.

Rotate subframe and disconnect harness connector from door lock.

Pull lock lever - 1 - in - direction of arrow -.

Using a screwdriver, tension spring - 2 - secured to door lock in direction of arrow and engage lock lever into spring.

NOTE: Lock is secured by engaging operating lever. This prevents cable from being clipped in "incorrectly" later (lock may already be slightly loosened).

Insert sub frame into door.

Attach all bolts - 1 - to - 11 -. Tighten bolts in order of numbering. Tightening torque: 8 Nm

Press door window - 1 - into window guide - arrow - and tighten clamping brackets with bolts - 2 - (10 Nm ).

Then, perform in reverse order of removal.

Then perform function test.

Expert:  Jim Barlogio replied 8 years ago.