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01 jetta 1.8 with turbo has a p1136, p1171, p1297. could all

Customer Question

01 jetta 1.8 with turbo has a p1136, p1171, p1297. could all these be related or 3 separate problems?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 8 years ago.

The P1136 is an intake air problem- either you have a vacuum leak somewhere (loosen your oil cap while running, if it bobbles around and tries to pop off you need to replace your PCV system and vacuum amp) or the Mass Air Flow Sensor is faulty. This could also be the cause of the P1297 fault- if you are getting a certain amount of air through the Mass Air meter, it is going to assume a certain amount of boost will be produced- if the MAF is reading wrong, the amount of boost read will be out of spec, and if there is a leak the boost could be low. It would be best if you had the values from measured value block 32, if you are using a VAG-COM software or VW scan tool.

P1171 is a throttle body fault- you may need to clean it out and re-adapt it.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
im using a otc scan tool and dont have the european software, so im generic obd 2. how do you re-adapt after cleaning the throttle body?

Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 8 years ago.
Normally it would have to be done with the VW scan tool- the older cars allowed you to adapt the TPS without it but the newer drive by wire cars can't. They will adapt slowly over time but may not run optimally in the meantime. I'd say the throttle is the more minimal of your problems here though, you either have a vacuum leak/bad vacuum amp or a bad MAF