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1999 VW Jetta: the automatic transmission fluid be changed..000 miles

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Should the automatic transmission fluid be changed on a 1999 VW Jetta that has 125,000 miles on it? What is the fluid required and the procedure?



Thank you for choosing "Just Answer" for your query. Yes, I can help you.


Yes, I recommended to do so at this mileage. The fluid required is VW #G 052 162 A2 this is a one liter bottle you will likely need 4 liter bottles I would purchase 5 with the understanding that you may return any unopened bottles. I recommend you also replace the oil pick up filter as well. If you should choose to do so, purchase the fluid, filter and a gasket. You should also inspect the vehicles fill plug before purchasing parts to see if you will need an new protective cap or a pump to pump in the fluid which you can purchase at most parts stores.


The procedure would be to remove the drain plug on the left rear corner on the bottom of the transmission oil pan. All the fluid in the pan will not drain out, unless you remove the tube going up in the middle of this drain (inspect this tube when you have the pan off, this is the level tube). If you are replacing the filter, this step is not necessary and you can simply remove the pan. Next you want to remove and replace the filter. You should also clean the inside of the pan and the magnets inside. reposition magnets to there original locations. Reinstall the pan with a new gasket. The fill port is located on the left front corner above the pan. If the plug has a spring retainer it may be reused, if it has a plastic protective cap, it should be pried off with a screw driver and replaced with a new one when finished. Pump it 3 liters of the fluid. With the wheels off the ground, start the engine and run it through the gears to expel any air in the system. When the fluid reaches a temperature of 35c-45c it should dribble out of the drain plug with engine RUNNING in park. A scanner is preferred, but an infrared temperature gun reading the pan works well enough. I open the plug as it is warming up idling, if not fluid is running out, I top it off until it does so. Then wait for the transmission to attain the desired temperature and reinstall and seal the drain plug BEFORE shutting off the motor. Your done.


I hope I have answered your questions and addressed your concerns. Should you have further questions on this matter, please do not hesitate to ask. I want you to be 100% satisfied with my answer.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I need a hard copy of my answer but the program will not let me print the answer I paid for. Am I susposed to memorize all the information?? That sucks!



I am sorry to hear that you can not print the material. I am not sure what the problem would be. I am just getting my PC figured out. I am no computer expert, but perhaps I can help you by telling you what I would try in your situation. If your previous method did not work, try holding down the control key and the P key simultaneously. Your print screen should come up, click print, the entire page should print. If that does not work,

Try highlighting all the text; Put the pointer on the first letter of the first word, do a left click holding the button down, then drag the pointer to the last letter of the last word of the text you want copied, release the left click, immediately followed by one left click. All the selected text should be highlighted. Now press and hold down the control key (ctrl) and the C key simultaneously. The text should be copied in your clip board. open a word processor program or someplace you would usually type text, possibly compose mail, then press and hold the control key and the V key. The saved text from your clip board should be pasted on your page. Now print as you normally would.


I hope that does it for you. If that does not work let me know and I will ask administration if they know what is going on.


Thank You, XXXXX XXXXX for the inconvenience.