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2000 VW beetle: the alarm not turning off..master key..valet key

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I have a 2000 VW beetle and I am having problems with the alarm not turning off. I have lost one master key and one is broken. I do have a valet key but when I turn it to the right twice which normally turns the alarm off nothing happens. Am I going to have to get a new master key (too expensive for a car with 185,000 miles), can I turn the alarm off or what?? My car has too many miles on it, having it stolen wouldn''t be all bad!!!!!

Hi, welcome to Just Answer.

Is the alarm horn ringing? Or is it the enigne that will not start?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
There is no problem starting the engine, its just that the alarm goes off every time I turn the ignition (an open the hood)and I have to wait the obligatory 30 seconds while trying to convince people I'm not stealing the car.

I should be able to disarm the alarm by turning the ignition key in the driver's door twice in the unlock position. But if that no longer works than the switch in the driver's door may now be faulty. You can also disarm it through the trunk lid key lock. If this is an aftermarket alarm system, it has to be removed from the car, it may have entered passive mode recently, which would explain why it arms now. Also, if it is an aftermalrket alarm, there may be a valet switch under the driver's or passenger dash that can be switched ON, with the key in the ignition to ON and the alarm should remain disarmed until you switch the valet switch again. For the factory alarm, if the unlocking of the doors no longer shuts it off, unfortunatly it will need to be either diagnsed at a VW facility, or a new master key with the transmitter purchased and programmed.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Your answer is very helpful and I do accept, I just need to know if aftermarket is something that was added after purchase and therefore not the factory alarm - I believe mine is the factory alarm

Aftermarket alarms are installed at the dealer or at stereo/alarm shops...usually if it is the factory alarm going off, than the engine does not start as well (but that's not always true). Aftermarket alarms will not disarm with the remote/key that came with the car, they have a seperate remote and a switch under the dash (valet switch) for disarming. If it is the factory alarm, you should be able to disarm it through the trunk, if you use the driver's side door to disarm it, than the switch in the door goes bad over time and no longer works. Let me know if your still having trouble with it...