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How do I change the Battery on my 2001 VW Golf?

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How do I change the Battery on my 2001 VW Golf?

Hi, welcome to Just Answer.

Below are the procedures.

Battery, Removing and Installing


  • Switch ignition off.


Open cover -1- for battery case and unhook.


  • First disconnect negative GND terminal (arrow) from battery negative (-) pole.
  • Disconnect positive B+ terminal from battery positive (+) pole.

CAUTION: Never disconnect or connect the positive B+ terminal from battery while the negative GND terminal is connected Danger of short circuit!

  • Flip fuse holder -3- upward.


  • Remove fastening bolt -1- from battery case and remove battery case together with heat protection jacket.
  • Remove (M8 X 25) hex bolt -3-.
  • Remove clamping bracket.
  • Remove battery.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for the great response. Batter swap went fairly well. In the removal process i dropped and lost the bolt that secures the battery to its holder. Do you happen to know what size that bolt is so that i can get a replacement?

Yes, it's a 8mm x 1.25 thread pitch...but if you can't find the original bolt I would just get a new one from the fits the best in there and is about $3.