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im getting CDC HARDWARE ERROR 2006 jetta (6cd in

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i''m getting CDC HARDWARE ERROR 2006 jetta (6cd in dash) i think mechanism is stuck. need info with pictures of how to remove the radio , or if anything else is suspected to be wrong.             i was trying to load cd and i got some winding noise like the slot was not gettin in place, then i had the error message.

Good evening mac,

I am going to attach some pictures that show the steps taken to remove the radio. If the vehicle is still under the 4 year/50,000 mile warranty I recommend taking it to a VW dealer. These radios have a fairly high problem rate with the CD changer, whether you use a store bought or home made disc.


Carefully pry number 5 out to gain access to the screw (6). You will need a T20 torx head screwdriver to remove the screws. Lift out number 7 and remove the two screws (2). Remove number 3. Now the difficult part. You need to lift the front part of number 4 up to expose the screws screws shown in the picture below. Get a grip on this part as best possible and lift upwards. The steps the manual calls for invariably damage the trim. Be careful not to separate the vents from the surrounding trim.


Remove the two screws (T20 torx).


Remove the trim, should pop free fairly easily.


Remove the screws (T20s) and remove the radio. Installation is the reverse.

If you have any further questions, please ask. Max

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
that is helpfull how to remove it, but i need o know how to fix it also. need to know what kind of stuff to look for and what is the cause to do this error.
I am not one to tell you how to fix the unit internally. We remove them from the vehicle and return them to Delphi or Panasonic where the radios get rebuilt. If we open the radio the manufacturer will not accept them back as a core. I know how to get the radio out of the vehicle and apart, but at that point my knowledge stops. The cause of the error is due to the construction of the radio. VW has issued technical bulletins about the "danger" of novelty CDs (homemade), but I have seen more problems with store bought CDs. I apologize for not knowing how to repair the guts of the radio, but there are some things that are off limits for us at the dealer due to core charges (the 600 dollar cost of the radio we get charged if it is tampered with). Max
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
so when i get the radio out it will be closed so i cant see anything like the mechanism?
Yes, the radio chassis is encloses the internal workings of the radio. The chassis has tamper proof tape on it that is there to identify any tampering with the radio which will void the core charge refund. Sorry, but all of the sound system head units are sealed by the manufacturers of the radios (Panasonic and Delphi are the main ones for VW). Max
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok thank you i will accept your answer