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My 2011 c70. post passenger side accident: drive train

Customer Question

my 2011 c70. post passenger side accident: drive train vibration. Wheels checked bearings replaced. replaced with aftermarket half shafts. then volvo replaced with volvo half shafts--torque steer not fixed. Then half shaft came out. Then mistakenly replaced with aftermarket. now with volvo half shafts again. vibration: I see the passenger seat wobble 1/4 inch at 70mph and it increases with speed: its drive train. Last repar all but eliminiated torque steer: they did something right. I'm thinking where half shaft goes into transmission and no one wants to repair it: maybe insurance co,, just a guess. Can't go through 4 sets of half shafts without thinking its another problem. Any thoughts?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Eric replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry that you have not been helped yet. I just came online and saw your question.
To help determine if there could be either shock damage or direct damage from impact and therefore accident relay, exactly where did impact occur on passenger side and at what speed
Does the vibration stay or immediately disappear if you put it into neutral while driving and vibration is present
Any noise associated with the vibration
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It does not go away when put in neutral. The accident pushed the passenger front wheel back and damaged the air conditioner/power steering. Had to have new front end parts, new power steering, new AC. They are all quite close to the fender in the c70. The hood was not damaged. it hit squarely on the side (from the front). Someone cut in front of me while I was distracted by my son. Traffic sucks in my town. Damaged the wheel and pushed it back. I hit hard. Surprising that it was the driver side shaft the popped out. There was considerable heat/purple discoloration of the driver side shaft after it popped out. Maybe that was just from popping out. I often wonder if the parts of the unibody or whatever were not straightened out right (I would think that universal joints take up the slack of unalignment of the framework, due to the nature of the control arm going up and down and the wheel turning--that it would not be because the frame or unibody is not perfect), or if the part that the shaft goes into is out of round/bent/pushed back. I would think it might be quite expensive and would be like taking the transmission out to fix this. I do not know if the inner area is replaceable or if it's part of the transmission that is ruined. I think inner shafts were replaced. (don't quite remember) Thus I may think someone may avoid trying to fix this in hopes that they can put the responsibility of the car going downhill onto me instead of fully fulfilling their guarantee. I have replaced front ends myself before on my previous car. I am an advanced shadetree mechanic and I worked in a shop when I was 14. I know that a rebuilt transmission, especially in a volvo, is bad news, usually.
It does make a dull thumping noise in sync with the vibration and the vibration of the seat. It increases in volume and frequency with wheel speed. It does not shift with gears. It is linear to speed. I do not think it is an out of round wheel, because it was said that they checked this out. One hint may be that the top does not align like it did when new and pops over about 3/16 inch to go into the slot (peg). (still goes in without my physical persuasion) May or may not be a problem. Rough alignment check at a toyota dealer showed front toe out to be at maximum and also rear at maximum. My local alignment/basic repair shop (good woman mechanic--claims "best alignments in town") would not touch the car when it had aftermarket shafts. This makes me suspicious that it was more than that. She's very good at many things. Maybe she doesn't touch volvos. I suspect problems before the car was in an accident. One dealer said the rear end and front end on driver side were not quite right before the accident. Carfax report (for what it's worth) didnot show an accident. I did not see evidence when I bought it at 48000 mi. All this time I strongly suspect that someone or bunch of someones are not dealing straight with me. Insurance repairs are reaching the used sale price of the car. Beautiful job on the body, though. For various reasons, I want to diagnose this before contacting insurance. I hope this is not published, if so, I want it edited.
steering is great. Otherwise the car seems pretty smooth. It used to vibrate upon moderate acceleration with the old aftermarket shafts and that wobbling was visible according to the shop. I travel for work and had it fixed at different places.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This has been frustrating.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I hope you or moderator can let me edit out.. I don't know my insurance people and for all I know, they are very honest and so are the mechanics. I do not know. I just can't help to think this should not be so hard to solve.
Expert:  Eric replied 1 year ago.
I need to pull up the schematics for the transmission/differential, but it sounds like the differential bearing inside that the shaft goes to was damaged from the force of the direct impact. Give me about 15 minutes on this
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I work long hours and have not checked email. Sounds like you were going to answer this further. I will find out if this has been replaced already. Is this a job where the transmission/engine has to be removed?