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We just bought an 2002 Volvo s60. The airbag light was on,

Customer Question

We just bought an 2002 Volvo s60. The airbag light was on, but the dealer said that it just had to be reset by a dealer. We took the car to a mechanic and they scanned the codes . the coed were as follows:
SRS Code 00D4, DIM Code 0003, 0005
The mechanic looked these up in the Volvo TIE Technical Journal. According to this document, the issues is with the combined instrument panel, which should be replaced. But in the service part of the journal for these codes it says "Do not replace the SRS unit! The SRS system is 100% functional despite the SRS lamp and DTC's. If DTC DIM-0003 and SRS-00D4 are found with a permanent status, the fault lies in the DIM and it will be necessary to replace the component."
The Description says: On vehicles with very high mileage, such as Taxi and fleet vehicles, the SRS warning light in the combined instrument (DIM) may activate and the DTC's DIM-0003 (SRS-lamp. Faulty circuit) and SRS-00D4 (SRS lamp. Faulty function) are stored.
So, my mechanic concluded that the airbags are functional. Is this the case and should I feel comfortable with my 16 year old driving the car?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Chris replied 2 years ago.

Sorry for your delay. I have researched the Tech Journal and found that your mechanic told you proper information. Volvo has put this in writing, that the air bag system is 100% functional. I would let my 16 year old drive this car, with volvo's assurance that the fault only lies in the DIM. This component can be rebuilt for a more reasonable cost than a new unit.