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Volvo C70: It looks fairly simple to replace my fuel pressure

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It looks fairly simple to replace my fuel pressure sensor 2007 volvo c70. Any surprises I should expect? How do I release the pressure prior to removing the old one?
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you today.

That is fairly simple, (half hour book time, about 15 minutes)

  • Fuel System Pressure Release
Fuel system pressure release

Note! The illustrations in this service information are used for different model years and/or models. Some variation may occur. However, the essential information in the illustrations is always correct.

Pressure reduction


Warning! The fuel system remains under pressure for a long time after the ignition has been switched off. The fuel pressure must be released before beginning any repairs. Failure to follow the instructions can result in personal injury.


Removing the fuse for the fuel pump (FP)
Remove the fuse for the fuel pump (FP).
Start the engine and allow to idle until it stops.
Turn the engine using the starter motor for approximately 5 seconds until the pressure in the fuel rail has been reduced.


Installing the fuse for the fuel pump (FP)
Install the fuse for the fuel pump (FP).

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thx Jerry. Once the new fuel pressure sensor unit is installed is there any "calibration" or computer reboot/update that needs to be done? I do . not have the equipment for that. Can you send step by step directions for the fuel sensor like you did for releasing the fuel pressure or is it as simple as removing the plastic housing, disconnecting the wiring and removing the one torx screw?

No Julian, there are no updates that have to be done with that. They don't actually provide any step by step instructions for it though, (just for the entire fuel rail) because it's pretty straight forward, the torx screw and connector is all that you will have to deal with.

If you do not require further assistance, kindly rate my service.



Jerry and other Volvo Specialists are ready to help you
Hello Julian, Jerry here. I was just wondering how your vehicle was and wanted to see if you may need anything further on it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



It has been many months since you helped me replace the fuel pressure sensor on My 2007 Volvo C70. Unfortunately that fix was only temporary. I continue to get the check engine light with codes indicating a small fuel system pressure issue. I replaced the gas cap before we changed the pressure sensor but I kinda had to take the cap apart to put the leash that holds it on to the gas filling port. Do you think my continuing problem is related to the gas cap or do I have a very small leak someplace that is just illusive?



Hello and thank you for returning. It seems that in a lot of cases it is just the gas cap, Julian but the only way to be sure, (if it's not real obvious) is to do a "smoke test" on the EVAP system. The pressure sensor is probably still good and it may just be a small leak. Very hard to say for sure though, sorry. Thanks again though.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Jerry. I guess it might be worth another few dollars to try another gas cap. Perhaps I damaged the seal on the newer one when I took it apart to attach the leash.

Yes, that happens sometimes. It's like they don't want you to mess with them and when you do they don't seal right. That would be better than the stealership diagnostic charge, lol. But if that doesn't fix it you might be able to find a good reputable shop, (other than the dealer) with a smoke machine who can check it at a fair price, (under $50 I would think). Thanks again and best of luck with it,

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