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Volvo S70: I have a 2000 Volvo S70, non-turbo. Can you replace

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I have a 2000 Volvo S70, non-turbo. Can you replace a faulty Engine Control Module with a used unit? Is there any programming that needs to be done that can only be done by Volvo dealer? My car quit running suddenly. Would crank, but then die. I took to my local mechanic and they think the ECM is bad because when they hook up their diagnostic machine, they can't communicate with it. They've done work for me for many years and have never had a diagnostic issue before. It looks like a new ECM from Volvo will run about $1300 - $1500. The car is only worth about $3500. I'd prefer not to put so much $$$ into it if a used unit could work. Plus, the closest Volvo dealer is over 70 miles away. Thanks!

Enes : Hello and welcome to our web page here my name isXXXXX a Certified Volvo Car Expert Mechanic.I'm going to try to help you find the help you need

Thanks. Do you need any additional info?

Enes :

you cant use aq used ecm

Enes :

it needs to program to the car using advanced volvo scanner and software there is no way around it

Enes :

if you have part number i can check price on ecm for you from my source

Enes :

maybe you have other problem ecm dont go bad as much

Enes :

do you have any error codes from volvo scanner ?

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