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Volvo XC90 T6: I hear a slight clunking noice from the front

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I hear a slight clunking noice from the front end of my 2004 XC90 w/ 131K miles most often when I accelerate from a stop (not always and not when engine is cold) or when going over speed bumps and on occasion when releasing the brakes from a stop. Motor mount? U-joint? Had in in to dealer but they said they couldn't hear it. What do you think?

Enes : Hello and welcome to my name isXXXXX a Certified Volvo Car Expert Mechanic.I'm going to try to help you find the help you need .
Enes : can you describe more how what you so maybe I can pinpoint area
Enes : what you do to make noise how you drive move car ?
Enes : is it single click ?

Usually, after car has warmed up, pressing the accelerator will result in a clink/clunk. Now (clunk are increasing in frequency), going over a speed bump or bump in road will result in a clunk. Also, on occasion, as releasing the brake after a stop, may result in a clunk. Yes, it is most often a single clunk.


I didn't get a response to my question. Should I have by now?

The noise can be from few parts I start list with most common ,
Control arm bushings on front can make noise and they wear out fast ,
Lower engine mounts check
Axle splines on drive shaft can make noise the repair is to bond axle with special axle glue to reduce movement and that will reduce noise
Also check spring seats in front and stabilizer links and ball joints at same time

Those are items that go bad a lot
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Enes. A couple more questions. How costly are each of these repairs (high, medium, low) and what is the urgency of getting these repairs soon (high, medium, low)?

Control arm bushings $759

Spring seats $500

Stabilizer link $250

Axle bonding $150

Engine mounts $250 X each bad one

Where you located what city
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am located near Melbourne, Florida. What is the urgency of each repair if required. Thanks.

The noise will get louder with time I would wait as it gets louder with time it can take a while then I would replace no real danger other than noise or if is very loud then is time to fix to prevent more damage I'm in Chicago
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Enes. Appreciate your advice!

If you can take second give me positive feedback my boss looks for feedback from you to me . In future before you do any repairs or need help just ask for Enes in your question and wait for my reply I help you again
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