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Enes, VOLVO Master Technician
Category: Volvo
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Volvo S80: Volvo S80 2001: vin : YV1TS61P921244258 I have

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Volvo S80 2001: vin : YV1TS61P921244258
I have replaced the RTI DVD reader.

The new unit is working only to some extent.
I got the RTI analyzed by the local Volvo dealer.
The error code is: CEM-1A57 (communication error)

( the CD is read, my position is correct, the controls on the steering wheel does NOT work, I can control the RTI by remote control, the screen intensity is so poor that I cannot read it in daylight)

Please advice

Enes : Hello and welcome to my name isXXXXX a Certified Volvo Car Expert Mechanic.I'm going to try to help you find the help you need .
Enes : did you install software ?

No I have not installed any

Enes : Rti software reload must be done at volvo garage they have access only to that
Enes : All new parts come with no software and must be installed

Ok, the replacement unit was purchased in the Holland, they did not mention any need to reload

Enes : Every part eletrical needs software to work
Enes : they only partially loaded

I relize that, but I believed it was preloaded

Enes : It can't come pre loaded it has to coded like that it only goes to one car and you can't swap from used car they make like that so you must buy new
Enes : The vin number and software gets downloaded to match you car and that it should be normal

Ok, I will take it to the garage to get it reloaded. I will let you know the result

Enes : Sure
Enes : just reply here

Ok I will do that, thanks

Enes : if you can't take second rate give me positive feedback if you can my boss looks for feedback from you to me and you can reply anytime after ratting again here
Enes and 4 other Volvo Specialists are ready to help you