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Volvo XC90 3.2: Hi, I need to buy 4 tires for the 2008 xc90

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Hi, I need to buy 4 tires for the 2008 xc90 awd. i live in the north east so i really want a tire that handles fantastic/very good in the rain and decent in snow. the rep at shop recommended Toyo Open country HT. Can you please recommend the best tire that fits my criteria. I appreciate the help.

tire size 235 65 17
Other things to consider when buying tires are ride quality and noise. An aggressive tire that works best in snow or off road conditions will have a more aggressive tread pattern which tends to make some road noise, especially as the tire gets older and starts to wear. A flexible sidewall on the tire will give you a comfortable ride quality, while a heavier tire (such as a light truck tire) will ahve a thicker casing, less sidewall flex, and the result will be a harsh ride where you feel a lot more of the bumps in the road than you used to. Tread wear rating is also a consideration; the higher the tread wear rating the longer the tire should last, but the trade off is a longer lasting tire made from a harder rubber compound will not stick to the road as well as a softer tire, reducing traction somewhat.

Here are a couple of the tires that I think would work well for you if youa re looking for good wet traction, as well as the ability to move in snow:

Michelin Latitude Touring. These have a 720 tread wear rating, with an A traction rating. This is a fairly new tire model, so I have only sold a few of them, but they have a decent amount of sidewall flex for a comfortable ride, I have not tried them in snow myself, but the customers I have sold them to have not reported any problems on snow covered roads. Michelin makes a top quality tire, and they are priced competitively with other brands (around $160 per tire plus installation).

Michelin Energy MXV4 plus. This is a very popular Michelin tire, and I can tell you that it does handle very well in both rain and snow. It too has a soft, comfortable ride and no noise. This tire has a lower tread wear rating (400AA), but the trade off is that it has excellent wet traction, which also improves stopping distance on wet roads. This may be teh best all around tire for what you are seeking, but they sell for around $233 each plus installation.

Yokohama Avid Ascend. Thesea re a long lasting tire with excellent wet road traction (740AA rated), comfortable ride, and not too expensive; around $133 each plus installation.

You can see these tires, along with customer reviews and manufacturer's ratings on

I believe any of these three tires would meet your needs.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks, XXXXX XXXXX the help. what do you think of the Toyo open country HT tires? are they worth $189 each?



I have never sold this particular tire, so I don't have any direct experience with it to relate to you. It does have a mid range tread wear rating of 640, so it should not wear out quickly. The one thing that may be a concern is the rather square edge at teh tread shoulder. On some tire designs with a more squared edge (as opposed to the rounder edge on the Michelins) edge cupping can be a concern as the tires become worn. This may result in some degree of road noise if it occurs. I personally try to not sell some models of tires, such as Delta Sierradials, for this reason after having a few customer complaints over the years.
I tried to find some online reviews of the Toyo Open Country HT online to see what might be out there since this is a fairly new tire model. Some reviewers seem to be dissatisfied with handling in wet or snowy conditions, one of the things you were looking for.
Here is the URL to some reviews I found:

Like I said, I have no personal experience with this tire myself, I prefer the Michelin Energy MXV4. I have these on my wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee, and she loves them and has had no problems here in our Northeast PA winters.
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