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Volvo V50 T-5 AWD: I have a Volvo V50 T5 AWD and have been

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I have a Volvo V50 T5 AWD and have been experiencing AC issues. Car will cool for about 15 minutes and then start blowing hot air. I have taken it to 2 shops. The first one is an independent repair shop. They indicated there was a service bulletin 87-50 that required a software update, but they don't have the capacity to perform that. So I took my car to the Volvo dealer (2nd shop) in town and they checked the AC very thoroughly, but did not address the service bulletin 87-50. They found that the ac compressor clutch is worn and needs to be replaced. This is a used car(145,000miles), I was hoping the software update (cheap) would do the trick but the dealer didn't acknowledge it and came back with the recommendation of replacing the compressor clutch assembly. (expensive $750). Does the software issue act like a faulty compressor clutch issue?

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The only job for ECM is to control A/C on and off, when A/C is request the ECM send and signal to compressor, is common problem for the clutch to wearn out and need to be replaced, I don't believe flash the ECM will any good for you, if you have a mechanical problem a hard part need to replace and reflash the computer will not do any good for you.

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