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Volvo V70 X/C AWD: How do I set cam timing on 2001 Volvo V

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How do I set cam timing on 2001 Volvo V70?
OK every time I fall for this question I give them the procedure and get a negative rating but I will give it another shot with a different approach.
You say you have the manual. I would assume there is a diagram in there. So what exactly are you having trouble with so I can address your real question? Let me know. Thanks
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Like I posted above, I have a 2001 Volvo V70 XC with a 5 cyc, Turbo engine B5244T. This has variable hydraulic cam timing on the exaust cam. I did a valve job on the engine. I can get it to start and Idel OK but I can tell the cam timing is way off, it does not accelirate properly.


I have Volvo Servcie manual CD VADIS but the instructions are NOT clear on how to specifically set the exaust cam with VCT (variable cam timing) This cam with VCT can turn 20+ degrees, they do NOT address this. I have the special tool to lock the cams together properly aligned and crank positioning tool.


What I need assistance with is specifically how to set the exaust cam????



Are you sure you have the timing marks exactly right?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Yes the timing mark on the Intake Cam and crank is perfect, I have the timing belt routed exactly as shown. THe problem is the Varable Hydralic Exaust cam. The VADIS manual is vauge at best on setting the exaust cam. With the exaust cam locked into place with timing tool (attaches at the back of the cam) you can still turn the timing gear (in the front of the cam) about 20 degrees. I am not sure if I am to leave it in the center.... crank it left or right (20 degrees is a wide range...) a few degrees.




Thank you.



OK Now I understand what you are asking. Let me get that info for you. I will be back in a moment.

Remove the starter motor mounting screws. Pull out the starter motor and put it aside. Remove the plug of the gauge hole. Rotate the crankshaft slightly clockwise. Install:(NNN) NNN-NNNNADJUSTMENT TOOL Make sure that it bottoms against the engine block.

Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise to its stop against the crankshaft adjustment tool. Check that the marking on the crankshaft timing gear pulley aligns with the marking on t

Note! Some engines have double VVT units/belt pulleys. If this is the case, the method is to be performed on both.

Note! Oil the center screw before installation.

Press the variable valve timing unit/timing gear pulley onto the camshaft. Install the center screw (1) that holds the variable valve timing unit to the camshaft. Do not tighten yet.
Slacken off, but do not remove the screws (2) which secure the timing gear pulley to the variable valve timing unit.
Position the upper timing cover.
he oil pump.

Turn the timing gear pulley so that the screws at the oval holes are in the limit position. Continue turning clockwise until the timing gear pulley's marking is 1 tooth before the marking on the upper timing cover.

Check that the timing gear pulley is still in the limit position in the oval holes.
Tighten the center screw (1) in the VVT unit to 120 Nm.
Check that the variable valve timing unit does not rotate when tightening. Install the center plug and tighten to 35 Nm.
Install the belt pulley on the intake camshaft: Install the belt pulley on the intake camshaft with three screws; do not tighten yet

Turn the timing gear pulley to the marking. Check that the markings on the timing gear pulley/intake camshaft and upper timing cover correspond.Turn the timing gear pulley to the marking. Check that the markings on the timing gear pulley/intake camshaft and upper timing cover correspond.

Turn the variable valve timing unit clockwise to the stop.

Note! Hold the VVT unit fixed in the limit position clockwise when the belt if fitted.

Check that the markings on the belt pulley and the upper timing cover align.

Install the timing belt (continued)
Fit the timing belt over the exhaust camshaft's cam wheel.

Tighten the timing belt

Adjust the belt tensioner

Note! This adjustment is done on a cold engine. A suitable temperature is approximately 20° C/68° F.

At higher temperatures (with the engine at operating temperature or a high outside temperatures for example) the indicator is further to the right. The illustration shows the position of the indicator when aligning the timing belt tensioner at different engine temperatures.

Tension the timing belt as follows:

Fix the belt tensioner center screw in position and turn the belt tensioner eccentric counterclockwise until the tensioner indicator passes the marked position.
Then turn the eccentric back so that the indicator reaches the marked position in relation to actual temperature.
At the same time, ensure that the center screw remains fixed. At 20° C/68° F, the indicator should be centered in the window.
If the indicator is not in the right position, the adjustment must be repeated.

Note! The variable valve timing unit must not be released from the limit position until after the timing gear pulleys have been tightened.

Tighten the screws (2) on the timing gear pulley for the exhaust camshaft to 10 Nm.
Tighten the screws on the timing gear pulley for the intake camshaft to 20 Nm.

- the camshaft adjustment tools(NNN) NNN-NNNNCAMSHAFT ADJUSTMENT TOOL See: Vehicle > Electrical / Mechanical Repair >(NNN) NNN-NNNNCamshaft Adjustment Tool
- the crankshaft stop(NNN) NNN-NNNNADJUSTMENT TOOL See: Vehicle > Electrical / Mechanical Repair >(NNN) NNN-NNNNAdjustment Tool.
Install the plug with a new sealing washer. Tighten to 40 Nm.

Checking the markings and belt tension

- press the belt to check that the indicator on the tensioner moves easily
- install the upper timing belt cover
- turn the crankshaft 2 rotations; check that the markings on the crankshaft and timing gear pulleys align
- check that the indicator on the belt tensioner is within the marked area.
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