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Experience:  Volvo Master Technician with 15 years excusively with Volvos. Also ASE L1certified for over 10 years.
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2004 volvo s60: all five lug nuts and the tire will not budge

Resolved Question:

Trying to change tire on 2004 VolvoS60. Manual indicates a 'bolt/lug/nut" in the center of the tire under wheel cap...Nope, not there. I have removed all five lug nuts and the tire will not budge. Help?!??!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  volvoexpert1 replied 5 years ago.

volvoexpert1 : These wheels frequently become stuck because of corrosion on the hub/ wheel bore. Put the lug bolts back on but only screw them in about 4 turns each. Make sure the car is securely supported and not in danger of falling off the jack. In these next steps keep safety in mind so you aren't trapped by the car if it should somehow fall! If the tire is flat you will have to whack the inside of the rim with a heavy mallet to break it loose. Take care not to damage the rim. If it still stuck pry off the Volvo center cap and spray rust solvent penetrating oil on the end of the hub and allow to soak in , then try again with the heavy mallet. No not loosen the center bolt under this cap because it does not hold the wheel on.
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