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volvoexpert1, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Volvo
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Experience:  Volvo Master Technician with 15 years excusively with Volvos. Also ASE L1certified for over 10 years.
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2005 Volvo Xc90 2.5T: check engine light came..turbo hoses

Customer Question

2005 Volvo Xc90 2.5T 85,654 mi. Took the car to a dealer after the check engine light came on... they told me the problem was 2 damaged turbo hoses... they also recommended a fuel injector cleaning which I declined... the check engine went out for a couple of weeks but later returned... Took the car to a second dealer (since I am on vacation and it is closer to home) and they are talking about a ~$1000 repair for a PCV(?) piece that is "getting clogged". Sounds very fishy given that the first dealer made no mention of it... Took the car to advance auto parts and they read out diagnostic code P2178 System Too Rich Off Idle (bank 1). I am told this is a generic code, not a Volvo code so it is not specific enough. How do I fix the problem without losing my wallet?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  volvoexpert1 replied 5 years ago.

volvoexpert1 : This code covers a lot of ground....many things can cause it. But since there is no specific code pointing at a comPonent such as mass airflow sensor or oxygen sensor I would recommend having the ETA, or electronic throttle actuator cleaned. At this mileage it probably has a buildup of gum and carbon in it that is restictng the airflow the computer expects to see. To remove clean and reinstall this relatively difficult to access part 2.5 hours labor is Typical, but the only patriot is throttle cleaner spray and a gasket if needed.
volvoexpert1 : Part not Patriot!
JACUSTOMER-80amg4gi- :

Is this different than what the first dealer recommended? I should mention that the first dealer found 2 codes, but I called them and they did not enter them into the notes for the service. Another piece of info, perhaps related: there is a strong smell of gas around the vehicle when I exit which I do not recall prior to the check engine light.

volvoexpert1 : It's similar but not the same. Fuel injector cleaning does not clean the throttle which is the issue here. If they recommended an induction cleaning this might help clean the throttle, but it's best to remove it so you can see that it is clean when you are done. Inspect your gas cap seal because a vapor leak here will cause an evaporative emissions code that will turn on the light. If you need a new seal due to cracks, get a new cap from a dealer as aftermaket caps sometimes don't work right on a Volvo.
volvoexpert1 : Is the gas smell from under the hood or the back of the car?
JACUSTOMER-80amg4gi- :

I appreciate the feedback but I don't feel at this point that it qualifies as the definitive answer I was hoping for. I am planning to go back to the first dealer and have them re-examine the vehicle (1st week in January).

volvoexpert1 : Ok