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Enes, VOLVO Master Technician
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2004 Volvo XC90: The cabin blower stays on after key..cuts

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I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 2WD. The cabin blower stays on after key is turned off SOMETIMES! Sometimes it works and cuts off when key is turned off. Everything seems to work OK and the blower changes speed when it is supposed to. Air Conditioner may seem to not blowing as cold as I think it should but I don't know if that is related to the problem.

The cabin blower may run for hours after key is off and once it ran down my battery. If I pull the fuse for the cabin blower it stops and when I plug the fuse back in it does not start up again. It almost seems like pulling the fuse for the cabin blower resets something. Blower again seems to run at different speeds at times like it should.

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The most likely cause is a software malfunction in the climate control module.

the module needs to be scanned for fault codes, and then have the software upgrades checked. the dealer is the only place that can check for the software upgrade.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I don't feel your answer is worth $27. I am asking the question to KEEP from taking my car to the dealer as I could possibly fix it myself. That is why I asked the question in the first place!! Giving the answer that I should take it to the dealer is a "NO BRAINER". Of course the dealer could fix it!!!!

Your answer should have included a DETAILED discussion of the system in my Volvo because you are the "expert". This would have made more sense and would have given me more info to help make any repair decisions needed. You should have suggested things for me to try to get more information to help you isolate the problem. You didn't.

If the software were corrupt in the climate module it would have the problem all the time and it does NOT. Telling me to take it to the dealer was a lame "expert" answer.

Thanks for the detailed listen. Appreciate the very kind words and wish you the best.

you'll have to visit the dealer if you want this fixed. That is what the vehicle you drive dictates. that is my discussion. It takes a lot of hard work and training to be able to work on Volvo's 99% of repair shops out there refuse to work on them. and that is no lame answer!!!

Hello and welcome to my name isXXXXX'm a Certified Volvo Car Expert Mechanic.I'm gone try to help you find the help you different expert and will work with you .


the problem you have is not a problem you don't need to go to dealer to fix it when car is off the blower fan inside stays running for reason to dry evaporator for ac to reduce any mold smell now that function can turned off by downloading so called afterblow deactivation .but is better to have that function .


other problem you have if your ac performance it can be you low on ac gas and will need recharge and check for leaks


reply here if you need to talk to me

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I know about the after blow function but this is different. The car just started doing this as I have owned it since 04. Pulling the cabin blower fuse stops the blower and when I put the fuse in everything appears normal. When I turn the key on the fan does not start (which is what I expect it to do). A couple of days ago I drove the XC90 all day long off and on and the problem did not happen.

The other morning I got in the vehicle to start it and the battery was run down. I think the blower ran all night on a really low speed and ran the battery down. This can't be after blow.

This morning the first thing the blower would run and stop run and stop run and stop .... did this for about 15 minutes and then worked ok except stayed on after key was removed. First time it did this pulsating blower running thing. Could it be something wrong with the resistor module on the blower? Thanks
well either is after blow and is normal but if is not that than yes resistor does the same problem and when you do blower fan resistor is good to do change blower fan motor also , the more you told me now it looks blower fan motor resistor is going bad .
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What does this resistor module do. The fan seems to have different speeds and that works OK but is there more to it than just blower speed. Can it keep the blower on when it is not supposed to be on (which seems to be my problem). What are the functions of this module. Before I spend $100 on this module I need to have more information. Thanks
To test the bloer fan resistor you use a scanner but resistor acts as variable speed control. And talk to module the main module is part on dash that controls all functions. And stores all info also now you. Can have just bad software in module you can try that as first step and also I would look with scanner after blow probation timer. Also if you keep your setting on auto function on climate control it can auto function malfunctioning .
Enes, VOLVO Master Technician
Category: Volvo
Satisfied Customers: 5477
Enes and 2 other Volvo Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
One final question about the blower. If the car has been setting out in the sun and I crank it the blower comes on high as expected with air con on. If right then I turn the key off (has not had a chance to cool it off) the blower runs at a pretty high speed. Is this normal because I can't remember if it did this before. Seems like to me blower should shut off when I turn key off. Thanks
if the blower comes on high is still looks to me is just after blow activates the fan to dry any moisture to prevent mold but again that system can be working slight wrong like in your car but so long the fan turns off after 15 min with key out i would not worry .