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how do i remove the dash and console on a 2000 volvo s80

Customer Question

how do i remove the dash and console on a 2000 volvo s80? I'm doing the heater core and have the volvo service instructions for that part, but it would be helpful to have the dash and console removal instructions too.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Andy replied 7 years ago.
The dash and center console do not need to be removed to replace the heater core. Just the drivers kickpanel and the brake light switch, though you may want to remove the accelerator pedal for some extra room.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I also have a hole in the exaporator. a car stereo installer drilled a hole in the case on accident and popped it (i watched all the 134 and oil vent out and cleaned it up).
Thats the other reason that i need to remove the dash and console. I'll gladly hit the accept answer if you can give helpo me with the console and dash removal instructions.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok so, if anyone else must do this. here's how it goes. 1. disconnect the battery in the trunk. then pop the ebrake cover off, a pillar covers, lower dash trim off. pop the shifter trim up and then disconect the shift indicator trim piece from the main. this piece can be left in place. then undo the torx screws on the trim piece around the ebrake area (this is also the compartment latch. then use a torx bit to remove the screws retaining the console (there are a couple underneath the back part of the concole compartment - the botXXXXX XXXXXner must be removed. disconnect the wiring to the lighter, ebrake, etc and lift the console out. You need to push the plastic shiftlock down to move the shifter back to work the main console out. from here remove the instrument cluster and glove comparment. remove the teeringwheel airbag (2 torx on the left and right side). Reomve the wheel and mark/tape the clockspring (there is a indicator and indentation that you can retain it with a pick or similar tool. Disconnect the column bellow the rag joint. remove wiring from ignition area. Remove wiper and light switch (they have 2 sall phillips screws on them and then they pop out. Loosen 4 torx holding the column and remove it - be carefull not to spin the clockspring. remove ac control, radio, headlight switch. Disconnect the passanger airbag connector and remove the two retaining bolts behind the glove box. Remove the grill form the center of the dash. Disconnect the sensor there and remove the bolt (10mm head) that is hidden underneath the grille retainer. look for remaining 6mm thread (10mm head) bolts which retain dash. There are two on each sides of the lower dash/concolse area, two on the left and right door frame areas (pop the fuse cover and pass side cover off). One or two behind the speedo/cluste and then Remove the remaining torx screws which retain the dash (there are a couple under the ac control ) Remove wiper arms and cowling. Remove wiper motor/linkage. Remove bold going through the firewall holding either the dash or tubular crossmember on (don't remember which it was). NExt the cross member comes out. Should be simple to see the bolts - they're either 12 or 13mm heads holding it in place and 10mm heads (6mm thread) holding the evaporator box to the crossmember) . after that disconnect the heater hoses (they're quick connects that can be done by hand and then the fridge lines at the expansion valve (remove covers on the firewall in the engine compartment first). At this point the evap box comes out and can eb carefully be taken apart. Be very careful with the crappy plastic tabs and metal clips which hold it together. install in reverse and then vaccum and recharge the system. Don't forget to top the coolant back off since you lost some when the heater lines were disocnnected.

additional notes: rein/ behr manufacture the evaporator core and you can either go to the dealer and pay 460-500 for the part or you can get it from rein also sells the exact same core through aftermarket suppliers. It can be had for around 170 .