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How do I replace the cigarette lighter on a 2001 S40

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How do I replace the cigarette lighter on a 2001 S40



The cigarette lighter socket is very easy to replace in this vehicle.


Turn the ignition on so you can place the shifter into low gear.

Remove the rubber pad from in front of the shifter (they can stick sometimes, but they just lay there, they are not glued in or anything)

The trim bezel around the shifter and in front where the rubber pad was all comes up as a unit, and is simply snapped in with ~4 plastic clips. You have two choices to remove the bezel; you can use a flat instrument (screwdriver or better yet a nylon prytool) around the thin strip behind the shifter to pry it loose, or you can can grab the front section where the rubber pad was and pull up (there will be small holes to grab from there)


Once it pops up, lift it far enough to unplug the cigarette lighter socket, then remove it entirely and swap the socket out.


Here is an picture of where to pry/lift the bezel from:


Customer: replied 7 years ago.



Maybe I mispoke - my cigarette lighter/auxiliary socket is further back in the console.

I need to lift the console up to get to it. I've removed the bezel and two screws holding the front of the console, and the two little screws in the cupholder area, but something is still holding it down.




Hi Ken,

No problem at all, the rear one is not too bad either.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you, I'm not supposed to be working today :)


Open up the rear console/armrest cover.

Underneath you -might- have a rubber/plastic insert at the bottom. If so, lift it out.

If you don't (or after you lift it out), you will see a rectangular indentation at the bottom of the storage box, roughly 3/4" x 3", with a small indent to insert a screwdriver or pick. Use this to lift the small rectangular piece out.

Underneath you will find 2 philips screws, remove them.

Pull the parking brake all the way up to aid in removal of the console... again, unplugging the socket when you have room.


I actually have a spare one of these consoles laying around in the shop right now, so I took a picture to aid in locating the securing points; they are circled in the following picture (pardon the dirt, it's been sitting a while):




Those are the only fastening points on the console. Once out, the cigarette lighter has retaining clips built into the console that need to be pried away from the socket to release it.


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